Government rolls out trial to teach preschoolers second language through apps

Livia Gamble 9:45am Preschoolers will be learning a second language through play-based apps on tablet devices as the government announces trial will roll out in selected schools.


Younger Kids

Is it time to bin breakfast cereal?

Sarah Berry 10:35am Cereal was once considered the breakfast of champions but has it been knocked off its podium for good?


Fourth recall of dangerous Ikea children's product

Ikea recalls children's swing

Beau Donelly Swedish furniture giant Ikea has issued an urgent recall for a defective children's swing that may break and cause serious injury, its fourth product safety recall of a dangerous children's product this year.


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It's a principal's role to protect children

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Most popular toy fads of all time

Older Kids

Haircut costs student marks in chemistry exam

Gemma Najem 11:15am A high school student in Sydney's west has had the razor taken to his exam results over a new haircut.

Do parents know what's best for schools?


Jennifer Chesters Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon semms convinced that giving parents' councils more power will result in better outcomes but Jennifer Chesters suggests otherwise.


School organises training session for girls with 'Lingerie League'

How to stop homophobic bullying in schools

Spring school holiday guide 2014

School system worse now than when Gonski wrote report

Entertaining Kids


Social media sites may pay the price for cyber bullying

Matthew Knott 11:06am The federal government is considering fining social media sites over cyber bullying in an effort to protect young people.


Family Life

How to declutter your home

Kylie Orr 2:59pm Is your home overflowing with toys, paper, and kids' clothes you have been avoiding all term? Here is how to feel like an organisational wonder these school holidays.


Greek yoghurt dessert

Nicole Avery This recipe really provides an excellent alternative to ice cream as dessert for the family. It takes only minutes to make and it tastes delicious!

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