Teaching your child to swim

Julia Cahill While every child will learn to swim differently we need to help our kids enjoy swimming with confidence by finding the method that works best for them.

Pushing academics on preschoolers doesn't add up

The things that really matter when educating a preschooler.

John Rosemond How these parents' responded to a parent teacher interview about their preschooler's academic performance will surprise you in the best way.

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Pressure to perform too much for young dancers?

How to make a snow globe out of a mason jar

When your daughter just wants to be a princess

Tiny moments of connection with kids matter

Younger Kids

The 8-year-old supermodel with 2 million Facebook fans

Amber Robinson 8:41pm She’s been dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ and modelled for Armani, but Kristina Pimenova is only eight years old.

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Finding time to teach children independence

Independence without the parental freak out.

Kylie Orr 12:55pm How do we let our children out into the great, wide world of discovery, of trial and error, of mistakes and journeys to find themselves without the parental freak out?

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Tesco removes 'for boys' sign after Twitter backlash

'Frozen' passes Barbie as holiday's most popular girls toy

British company reunites lost teddy bears with owners

1974 letter from 'Lego' sends an important message to parents

Older Kids

‘Chalk and talk’: Direct teaching might be the best

Kevin Donnelly 12:16pm It seems we have been misguided in abandoning the traditional, teacher-directed method of learning where the teacher spends more time standing at the front of the class, directing learning and controlling classroom activities.


Fast and fresh chicken lettuce cups

Nicole Avery This is an easy meal you can prepare quickly when you come in from activities with the kids after school. The simple but fresh ingredients give it great flavour and it can be easily adapted to use up any veggies you have in the fridge.

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Mango coconut ice cream

Mango coconut ice cream

Danielle Colley As the weather heats up this will be your new favourite way to cool down. It is dairy free, healthy, and delicious.

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Greek meatballs and tzatziki

Fish Tacos

Sweet potato salad

Wholefood choc mint slice

Beef burger with mint yoghurt

San choy bow