Tax on soft drink the most effective policy against childhood obesity, finds study

Livia Gamble The answer to childhood obesity lies in placing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages, according to a new study.

Younger Kids

It's a principal's role to protect children

Briony Scott There is no asterisk in child protection law that allows some children to be exempt, and yet children in detention seem unreachable.


Gardens spring to life as kids get busy in the yard

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Zara Alcock, 6 and brother Henry Alcock 3 1/2, and dog Gracie, in their vegetable and aromatic garden Seen here picking lemons fresh off the tree. on September 12, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Michele Mossop/Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Esther Han Australia's gardens will be flowery and colourful affairs this spring, trending away from green-on-green designs and a laissez-faire approach, green-thumbed experts say.

Most popular toy fads of all time

Child obesity: The issue no one wants to raise

Music and art for kids big and small

How to help kids overcome fear of the dark

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How to stop homophobic bullying in schools

How should schools respond to incidents of teasing and bullying related to gender and sexual identity? Telling them it's wrong isn't the answer.

Spring school holiday guide 2014

Livia Gamble 2:38pm According to a poll, grumpy children say they are bored over 200 times over the summer holidays. To help you minimise the complaints here is state by state guide of what's on around Australia during the Spring holidays.

School system worse now than when Gonski wrote report

Encouraging independence: why I am preparing my daughters to be single women

Home schooling: an idea worth promoting

What my father showed me

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5 Marvel movies you won't mind your kids watching

Karen Andrews With school holidays approaching here are five of the best family friendly Marvel movies.

Family Life

Violent words, not just deeds, leave a lasting mark on our kids

Jayashri Kulkarni Violence comes in many forms, as a UNICEF report on children’s experience of violence around the world reaffirmed only last week


How parents can prevent and deal with bullying


Sheryl Hemphill Parents are one of the most influential factors when talking about bullying - in that they are the most likely to be able to prevent it.


Not sandwiches again: three different lunchbox ideas

Girl, 8, dies after falling from ride at Royal Adelaide Show

Families shocked by gummy mix-up

Five airline fails when it comes to kids


Greek yoghurt dessert

Nicole Avery This recipe really provides an excellent alternative to ice cream as dessert for the family. It takes only minutes to make and it tastes delicious!

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