Newcastle cafe's Facebook post sparks debate over children in coffee shops

Mel McMillan The operators of The Little French Cafe have received both applause and criticism after posting a 'housekeeping' announcement on the cafe's Facebook page.


Does your preschooler refuse to dress themselves?

Does your child spend more time playing with their clothes than putting them on?

Catherine Rodie This mum of two preschoolers was delighted to hear that Adam Mansbach, the writer behind 'Go the f**k to sleep' released a new book about eating but the one she really needs is: Just put your f**ing clothes on!


Kinetic Sand: You will be as addicted as your kids

Five things I have not taught my kids and it is okay

Top four challenges of raising boys

Girl, 4, hands out heroin at day care

Younger Kids

Why kids fight so hard to be mum's favorite

Heidi Stevens My daughter started inquiring shortly after her brother was born and has yet to give up, five years later. "Who do you love more: Me or Will?" She'll throw in a variation every once in a while, but the objective never changes.


Older Kids

Siblings make boys selfless, study

Livia Gamble A study from Brigham Young University found that strong sibling relationships make boys selfless.

A generation without chores

Don't discount the importance of chores ...

Richard Rende We want our kids to spend time doing things that promote their likelihood of success - personal, academic, and eventually professional - but we have gotten away from encouraging chores, which is a proven predictor of these outcomes.

Soft drink warning sign deters teens from drinking

8 girls that are changing the world

Principal says school doesn't work for most kids

Watch: Dance company's powerful anti-cyber bullying video

Entertaining Kids

Harry Potter has a new literary rival

Rachel Clun A competition in England has unearthed what could be the next Harry Potter, after a PHD candidate won for her children's story about a circus girl turned detective.

Family Life

Am I allowed a child-free holiday?

Patricia Tan With her husband often away on work trips, Patricia Tan has been the parent that remains home with the kids but when her husband added a four-day holiday to his next trip, instead of letting resentment grow she decided to book her own.

When should you leave your child at a birthday party

At what age can kids be left at birthday parties?

Donna Webeck Do you still stay with your child when they attend birthday parties? Donna Webeck does, but her apparent unexpected attendance at a recent party left her wondering if her child is old enough to be left with the host.

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Rosie Batty shouldn't have to answer for her son's death

Newcastle teen missing for over a week, family pleas for information

Parents' appeal for answers after their daughter was dragged by car at high speed

Watch: Princesses drop F-bombs for feminsim


Chia breakfast cups

Danielle Colley These delicious chia pots can be made the night before and be ready to grab, throw on some yoghurt and berries and eat on the go.

Reader reviews

No bake carrot cake balls

No bake carrot cake balls

Nicole Avery Ever feel like cake, but want a healthier option? Then make up a batch of these delicious and healthy no bake carrot cake balls. They taste like carrot cake, but don't need to be baked and they are gluten, dairy and egg free.

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Spring lamb pilau

Parmesan and poppy seed shortbread

Greek yoghurt dessert

Halloween: Apple ogre mouths

Halloween: Spooky orange and black fruit kebabs