Does your preschooler refuse to dress themselves?

Catherine Rodie This mum of two preschoolers was delighted to hear that Adam Mansbach, the writer behind 'Go the f**k to sleep' released a new book about eating but the one she really needs is: Just put your f**ing clothes on!


Kinetic Sand: You will be as addicted as your kids


Amber Robinson It's one of the hottest gifts for this Christmas and last, Kinetic Sand is mostly sand, but with a 2% binding agent which makes it a whole lot more fun than regular sand.

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Younger Kids

When your daughter makes Barbie a killer

Kerri Sackville 11:54am If your daughter told you that Barbie murdered her parents would you be amused or seriously concerned? Kerri Sackville shares how playing with Barbie took a hilariously scary turn for the worst.


Older Kids

A generation without chores

Richard Rende 2:39pm We want our kids to spend time doing things that promote their likelihood of success - personal, academic, and eventually professional - but we have gotten away from encouraging chores, which is a proven predictor of these outcomes.

Soft drink warning sign deters teens from drinking

Is this the answer to deterring teens from drinking sugar-laden beverages?

Catherine Rodie 11:21am A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink dramatically deterred teens from purchasing the sugar-laden beverage.


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Family Life

How to build your own village as an expat

Julia Cahill 1:51pm The expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ assumes of course that parents live within a community where they have a support network to rely on but what if you don't? Can you build your own?


Chia breakfast cups

Danielle Colley These delicious chia pots can be made the night before and be ready to grab, throw on some yoghurt and berries and eat on the go.

Reader reviews

No bake carrot cake balls

No bake carrot cake balls

Nicole Avery Ever feel like cake, but want a healthier option? Then make up a batch of these delicious and healthy no bake carrot cake balls. They taste like carrot cake, but don't need to be baked and they are gluten, dairy and egg free.

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Spring lamb pilau

Parmesan and poppy seed shortbread

Greek yoghurt dessert

Halloween: Apple ogre mouths

Halloween: Spooky orange and black fruit kebabs