Government rolls out trial to teach preschoolers second language through apps

Livia Gamble Preschoolers will be learning a second language through play-based apps on tablet devices as the government announces trial will roll out in selected schools.


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Pirate maze activity

Help ye buccaneer to the treasure and back to his ship in this fun free kids maze activity.

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SA school principal says Lingerie League training day was 'a breach of trust'

Heather Vogt The principal of the South Australian high school that unintentionally arranged a training session with the infamous 'lingerie league' for their female students tells their side of the story.


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Social media sites may pay the price for cyber bullying

Matthew Knott The federal government is considering fining social media sites over cyber bullying in an effort to protect young people.



Greek yoghurt dessert

Nicole Avery This recipe really provides an excellent alternative to ice cream as dessert for the family. It takes only minutes to make and it tastes delicious!

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