Watch: Apparently Kid goes behind the scenes of Walking With Dinosaurs

Livia Gamble While appearing on Ellen, Noah Ritter was sent on a behind-the scenes tour of the animatronic Walking With Dinosaurs show in LA.


Free swimming lessons to help save lives

Starting young ...

Letitia Rowlands Children under five are being offered free swimming lessons this week as part of the inaugural Learn To Swim Week. The program is the brainchild of swim coach Laurie Lawrence and aims to reduce the shocking number of child drownings occurring around the country each year.

Preschoolers debate the weather, poke our hearts

Cruel or kind: how happy are our class pets?

What do children learn when cooking?

Beating a child bloody is not 'cultural'

Younger Kids

Becoming a tolerant Australia starts in the classroom

Christine Cunningham If we are to grow to be a tolerant, cohesive and culturally diverse nation we need to start with our children.

Older Kids

How far should schools go to educate teens about STIs?

Catherine Rodie 8:44am A British school offered 15 and 16-year-old girls the option to swab themselves for chlamydia in their sexual education class.


Parenting a gay child

The best way to help a teen in the sexual minority get through adolescence is to promote healthy relationships with family and friends.

Dr. Gregory Ramey 8:25am What is it like for kids who feel sexually different but are unable to share those feelings with family or friends? They grow up feeling scared, isolated, and lonely.

Mermaid school is making kids' dreams come true

E-homework is widening the gap for disadvantaged students

Will Australia become the world champion of inactivity?

Trimming "Tiger Mum's" claws

Entertaining Kids

Thor's female identity remains a mystery

Josh Dickey 12:36pm Thor is becoming a woman this week, and the comic book horde hath questions.



Greek yoghurt dessert

Nicole Avery This recipe really provides an excellent alternative to ice cream as dessert for the family. It takes only minutes to make and it tastes delicious!

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