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What is a healthy balanced diet for kids?

Dr Joanna McMillan The hunger for correct information about balanced, healthy diets has never been larger but why are we still confused?


Three mums launch Melbourne's first children's festival

Zoe (far left) with her two children Dylan and Miles;
Jo with her kids Leo and Ivy; and Jane with Milla and Scarlet.

Josefa Pete How three festival-loving mums, with six kids under the age of five between them, made Playfest – Melbourne’s first children’s festival – a reality.


Are we expecting too little from our boys?

What to ask at your preschooler's parent-teacher conference

What are your parenting values?

My kid is scared of Halloween

Younger Kids

Why kids need to rote learn times tables

Elana Benjamin Rote learning is out of vogue. That was the message I took home from a recent maths information night at my children’s primary school. And it cemented my concerns about the current approach to teaching some basic arithmetic.


Older Kids

Most of us don't fulfill our childhood dreams

Catherine Rodie Only 6 Percent of us have the jobs we wanted as kids – but is that a bad thing?


Family Life

Expert camping tips

Rob Dempsey Coleman's Rob Dempsey knows a thing or two about camping. Here are his picks for where to camp in Australia these holidays and what to pack!


How to take the silly spending out of the Christmas season

How to not let the number of presents under the tree get out of hand this year.

Jo Hartley We all know how easy it is to blow our budgets out of the water and end up buying big as the festive cheer takes hold. Here's how to keep control of your spending this Christmas.

Here's what great marriages have in common

Tips and advice for travelling with teens

Spider-Dad surprises terminally ill son for his 5th birthday

Review: A cruising family holiday has all the right ingredients for fun


Greek meatballs and tzatziki

Kristy Komadina These meatballs perfectly capture all the flavours of a traditional Greek lamb roast. The lemon, herbs and garlic marry so well with homemade tzatziki. Serve these at your next party. Great warm or at room temperature.

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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

Kristy Komadina Sometimes it’s really hard to get kids to eat fish. In our house, these tacos are a big hit. The children love to assemble their own tacos and only add the fillings that they know they enjoy, though the best part is undoubtedly the succulent crispy fish pieces. Unsurprisingly, my tacos contain all of these wonderful fixings!

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Sweet potato salad

Wholefood choc mint slice

Chia breakfast cups

No bake carrot cake balls

Spring lamb pilau

Parmesan and poppy seed shortbread

Greek yoghurt dessert

Fast and fresh chicken lettuce cups

Mango coconut ice cream