Why we should be raising feminist sons

Saman Shad It is just as important to teach our sons to be feminists as it is to teach our daughters.

Younger Kids

Fun things for kids to do in the dark

Katie Carlin Night doesn't have to be scary for kids. Show them how fun it can be with Essential Kids' top fun things for kids to do in the dark.

Older Kids

When your husband bullies your son

Meghan Leahy As someone who has worked with children and families for 17 years, I see a man (your husband) who is beginning to fulfill the definition of a bully and worse, someone who is emotionally abusing his son.

Entertaining Kids

5 creative apps for kids

Karen Andrews If want your kids to skip the junky game apps and interact with some quality ones these school holidays here are five that are worth downloading for creative kids.

Family Life

Fiji: the ultimate family destination

Sheriden Rhodes Fiji is one of the best places to dip your toe into an overseas family holiday. In Fijian culture, family is of supreme importance making it nothing short of bliss for tired, stressed out parents looking for a relaxing holiday.


How to make a Peppa Pig cake

Danielle Colley Have you had a request for a Peppa Pig cake? Here is how to make one for your child's next birthday.

Popcorn slice

Popcorn slice

Nicole Avery This slice is a big hit with the kids. It is super easy to make, requiring only three ingredients. It makes a large slice, so is perfect for those days when you have lots of kids visiting to play.

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