• Could your child have a colour vision deficiency?

    My heart sank as I listened to the optometrist’s explanation of my son’s colour vision deficiency. It was called deuteranopia, and it meant his world was a different to the bright, vibrant one I had assumed we were sharing.

  • Mrs Doubtfire sequel underway

    Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus have been reunited for the sequel to Mrs Doubtfire - but not everyone is happy about the idea.

    Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Jakub, Robin Williams, Mara Wilson and Sally Field in <i>Mrs Doubtfire</i>.
  • Loom bands are for boys, too

    The day my seven-year-old son came home with a clear plastic bag of rubber bands, fasteners and something that looked suspiciously like a crochet hook, a bright, new, colourful (yes, even purple and pink) world opened up to me.

    Many a YouTube tutorial has been dedicated to the Rainbow Loom craze.
  • Why I'm a camping convert

    When Catherine Rodie's husband suggested they take the kids camping for the weekend, she wasn't thrilled with the idea. But despite her initial reluctance, she's now a camping convert.

  • Boy rescued from toy vending machine

    Customers at a bowling alley in Nebraska were stunned to find a three-year-old boy trapped in a toy vending machine.

    Kael Ireland inside the Bear Claw toy machine.


Class 'mascots' a new cause of stress for parents

CATHERINE RODIE Has your child brought home the class 'mascot'? The pressure of showing this mascot the time of its life is reducing some parents to tears.

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How to help kids remember their earliest years later in life

Helping kids hold onto fading memories.

LAKSHMI SINGH Remembering events from early in a child’s life is limited after the age of seven, with most of them experiencing childhood amnesia – or the inability to recall those memories from the earliest years of their lives.


Want to improve your kids' writing? Let them draw

Tutoring for tots is growing in popularity

When your child is "gender creative"

Gardening guru creates nature's playground

Younger Kids

Easter Jokes for kids

Download and print this page of silly Easter jokes for kids. They'll "crack you up!"

Older Kids

Teen takes on McDonald's sexism - and wins

Antonia Ayres-Brown McDonald's is estimated to sell more than 1 billion Happy Meals each year. When it poses this question "Do you want a boy's toy or a girl's toy?", it pressures innumerable children to conform to gender stereotypes.


Entertaining Kids

Mrs Doubtfire sequel underway

LIVIA GAMBLE Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus have been reunited for the sequel to Mrs Doubtfire - but not everyone is happy about the idea.


Family Life

When a parent is the victim of a cyber bully

Rashida Tayabali Serious incident reports released by the NSW Department of Education in February found parents are increasingly going online to bully others.



Gluten free meatloaf

NICOLE AVERY Meatlof is a handy recipe to have up your sleeve. It is easy to cook, easy on the budget and you can stash one in the freezer easily to have for busy nights.

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Kingston biscuits

Kingston biscuits

KRISTY KOMADINA What’s better than a homemade biscuit? TWO homemade biscuits, sandwiched with chocolate ganache. These homemade Kingstons are something extra special for an after school treat, birthday party or even for the lunchbox.

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Crumpet Croutons

Chocolate drizzled nutella meringues

Banana sushi

Kids’ quick margherita pizzas