What happened when my 4-year-old told me she was fat

Jamie Davis Smith She just pulled up her shirt and insisted: "Look at my tummy. I am fat."

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone's kids only eat healthy foods

Nothing but the best for Curtis Stone's kids.

Livia Gamble In Stone's opinion, parents who say their kids prefer junk food over fruit and vegetables only have themselves to blame.

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When your child copies everyone else

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How to keep your kids from inheriting your fears

Debbie Carlson The best way to prevent children from inheriting their fears or phobias is for adults to acknowledge and evaluate their own fears.

Older Kids

6 reasons why your son should learn ballet

Mihiri Udabage Her 10-year-old son was reluctant at first but after six months of ballet lessons Mihari Udabage only wishes he had started sooner.

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How to set boundaries on screen time

Meghan Leahy 9:46am We have a 12-year-old boy who is addicted to electronics (iPad, phone, TV). How do we wean him off of them? Is it too late?

Family Life

Brothers from 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video all grown up

Livia Gamble After eight years and millions of views, the two boys from the 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video are all grown up.


Homemade chicken and tomato sausages

Nicole Avery Sausages are always a hit with the kids. These gluten free sausages are particularly great as not only will they love them, but also you know exactly what is in them! Use this recipe as a base and add your kids favourite veggies and herbs to create the perfect lunch box sausage for your child.

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How to make a Peppa Pig cake


Danielle Colley Have you had a request for a Peppa Pig cake? Here is how to make one for your child's next birthday.

Popcorn slice

Beet berry burst

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes

Monte Carlo biscuits

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