• Developing healthy sleep patterns in children

    Still waiting for your child to grow out of their bad sleep patterns? Here is how to put in place strategies to help them (and you) get a good nights sleep.

    Steps to getting a good nights sleep.
  • Banana sushi

    This very easy to make healthy snack for the kids is always a winner.

  • Can you spot the Pixar Easter eggs?

    Pixar films may be most loved for sweet stories of friendship and lovable characters, but it's the Easter eggs that make each movie like an animated treasure hunt.

    Can you find the hidden
  • How to choose the right health fund for your family

    Whether you are embarking on your search for the first time or reviewing your current provider to ensure you are still getting the best value for your money, here are some things to consider.

    Choosing the best health cover for your family.
  • Easter school holiday guide

    Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state.



Class 'mascots' a new cause of stress for parents

CATHERINE RODIE Has your child brought home the class 'mascot'? The pressure of showing this mascot the time of its life is reducing some parents to tears.

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How to help kids remember their earliest years later in life

Helping kids hold onto fading memories.

LAKSHMI SINGH Remembering events from early in a child’s life is limited after the age of seven, with most of them experiencing childhood amnesia – or the inability to recall those memories from the earliest years of their lives.


Want to improve your kids' writing? Let them draw

Tutoring for tots is growing in popularity

When your child is "gender creative"

Gardening guru creates nature's playground

Younger Kids

Easter Jokes for kids

Download and print this page of silly Easter jokes for kids. They'll "crack you up!"

Older Kids

As laptop scheme ends, what next for families and learning?

Jason Lodge The computers for schools program, which involved federal funding for the supply of laptops to high school students, is set to end in June. The program was a central piece of the former government’s “digital revolution” but is being discontinued by the current government.


When your child is an overachiever

Having a driven child is not always a good thing.

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS What do you do when your child is a constant overachiever? When their concern for good grades and academic success means they spend more time worrying about good marks than enjoying being a kid?

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Freaks and pigs pull visitors in at the Easter Show

Racism rife in Australian schools

Being male doesn't make you a role model

Raising a child dangerously

Entertaining Kids

Planes: Fire & Rescue trailer, take 2

Flying in the coat-tails of a more sombre look at what the sequel will be like, the second trailer is what you would expect for the"Planes" sequel.


Family Life

Disco Batman birthday party

Josefa Pete Birthdays are about so many things, but most importantly they are about creating childhood memories together, sharing moments and piecing together the stories they will talk about and reminisce over one day when they are older. Josefa Pete shows shares her son's disco Batman party, "because it's awesome".


5-year-old girl hugs the Duchess of Cambridge


Wilma McCorkindale Pint-sized Dunedin dignitary Mataawhio Matahaere-Veint was told never touch a royal, but the 5-year-old "princess" isn't one to let a chance go by.


A camp for gender-non-conforming boys

Meatless Mondays a budget boost

Australia best place in the world for youth wellbeing

Refining the art of giving meals as gifts


Gluten free meatloaf

NICOLE AVERY Meatlof is a handy recipe to have up your sleeve. It is easy to cook, easy on the budget and you can stash one in the freezer easily to have for busy nights.

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Kingston biscuits

Kingston biscuits

KRISTY KOMADINA What’s better than a homemade biscuit? TWO homemade biscuits, sandwiched with chocolate ganache. These homemade Kingstons are something extra special for an after school treat, birthday party or even for the lunchbox.

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Crumpet Croutons

Chocolate drizzled nutella meringues

Banana sushi

Kids’ quick margherita pizzas