Explaining to my children why they’ll never meet their grandparents

Patricia Tan Since he was a baby, I’d fretted over this very moment when he’d start asking about the grandparents he will never meet.

Younger Kids

Why our current education system is failing students and teachers

Michele Freeman Have we become so obsessed with testing that we have forgotten to allow children to learn properly by engaging with what they are doing?


The first day of school sets the tone for academic achievement

First day: the start of the school journey.

Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett Whether your child is feeling slightly anxious about starting school or bursting with excitement, all children benefit from a bit of planning and preparation in order to ensure the transition to school goes as smoothly as possible.

Three-year-olds need preschool time as well

Technology expenses raising back to school costs

Do you belong to the 'Competitive Lunch Box' circle?

Should we 'dum' down language to make it easier to learn?

Older Kids

School students forced to drop pants for inspection

Mary Ward A Texas elementary school has forced children to remove their pants after fecal matter was left on the floor of the school's gym.

Cancer survivor, Aidan Fisk, 9, to swim Cole Classic

Nine-year-old Aidan today, ready to take on his next challenge, the Cole Classic.

Lisa Schofield Thousands of competitors will line up to swim the Cole Classic this Sunday. Amongst them will be 19 brave kids from Team Aidan and after a four year battle with cancer, nine-year-old Aidan himself will finally get to join the team named in his honour.

Australian kids are losing that sporting edge

19 ingredients listed in McDonald's French fries

A tribute to my inspirational teachers

The problem with tutoring

Family Life

Packing up for a move with kids

Megan Blandford I’m in the process of moving my family 300 kilometres away from where we’ve always lived. This is exactly as exciting and nerve-wracking as it sounds, but the prevailing mood around here is that of pure chaos.


Lunchbox mini sushi rolls

Danielle Colley Your kids will love this refreshing alternative to the standard sandwich in their lunchbox.

Reader reviews

Chicken and mango salad with pomegranate dressing

Chicken and mango salad with pomegranate dressing

Nicole Avery Made with simple fresh summer flavours, this chicken and mango salad is perfect for a light dinner on those hot evenings or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

Reader reviews

Fast and fresh chicken lettuce cups

Mango coconut ice cream

Greek meatballs and tzatziki

Lunchbox-friendly date and sunflower seed balls

Beet berry burst