Zara pulls lookalike Holocaust shirt for children from sale

Katie Carlin Fashion retailer Zara has pulled a striped shirt for children featuring a yellow star from sale after complaints that the shirt resembled the prison uniform worn by concentration camps during the Second World War.


Younger Kids

The Boxtrolls activity sheet

Try this fun Boxtrolls activity worksheet that is full of all the favourites - spot the difference, word finder, maze and find Fish.

Principal calls students with mental health issues 'morons' and 'village idiots'

Calare Public School in Orange.

Tracey Prisk, Michael Koziol Students with mental health issues have been called “morons” and “village idiots” by their school principal in a bizarre letter circulated to staff of an Orange primary school.

Do you suffer from Asker's Syndrome?

5000 trees chopped down at NSW schools after student's death

Should Australia ban fast food toys?

Healthy school lunch box ideas for kids

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How to handle bullies

Phillip Slee Tactics that experts say help deter bullies are often not the tactics employed by young people. Here is how to stop the bullies.

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Aldi pulls classic Roald Dahl book from its shelves after customer complaint

Saffron Howden 9:37pm Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book, Revolting Rhymes, has been removed from the Aldi supermarket chain’s shelves after customer complaints over the use of the word “slut”.

Family Life

8-not-so-magical secrets as told by a former Disney princess

Max Knoblauch Former Disney princess reveals what it is really like to work at the happiest place on earth.

'Snowplough' parenting and other unhelpful parenting labels

Parenting style

Catherine Rodie Have you heard of “snowplough parenting”? It is the latest in a long line of parenting labels adopted by experts to describe different child-rearing behaviour.

Toddler caught chocolate-faced, still denies eating a doughnut

11 DIY Father's Day gifts that are way better than a tie

New South Wales: Fancy a slumber party at IKEA? Now you can

Three ways with lamb shanks


Apple energy balls

Nicole Avery These are a very easy snack to make and are perfect for the kids' lunches as they are nut and gluten free.

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Cauliflower fried rice

Cauliflower fried rice

Nicole Avery This dish is an easy way to get lots of veggies into the kids. It tasted terrific cold as well, so leftovers (if there is any!) can go to school in the lunch box as well.

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Broccoli Pesto Pasta with Walnut and Pancetta Crumble

Jaffa brownies

Chocolate pecan brownie cookies

Greek yoghurt dessert

French Style Lamb Shanks with Braised Lentils