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Mum creates colouring book to show her son superheroes cry too

Livia Gamble When cartoonist Linnéa Johansson’s three-year-old son Caspian was holding back tears because Superman doesn’t cry, she decided to do something about it.

Peppa Pig Easter Crafts


Print out these Easter craft activities for your Peppa Pig and George Pig loving preschoolers to cut, colour and make this Easter weekend.

10 ways to prove to kids that Santa *really* exists

Keep the magic alive for kids this Christmas.

If your family celebrates Christmas – and the arrival of Santa Claus – there are many ways to add your own touch of magic to Christmas eve.

Three mums launch Melbourne's first children's festival

Zoe (far left) with her two children Dylan and Miles;
Jo with her kids Leo and Ivy; and Jane with Milla and Scarlet.

Josefa Pete How three festival-loving mums, with six kids under the age of five between them, made Playfest – Melbourne’s first children’s festival – a reality.


Colour by numbers - Kids cooking


Colour by numbers - using numbers 1-8 to cololur this picture.

Watch: Apparently Kid goes behind the scenes of Walking With Dinosaurs


Livia Gamble While appearing on Ellen, Noah Ritter was sent on a behind-the scenes tour of the animatronic Walking With Dinosaurs show in LA.


What do children learn when cooking?

Benefits of cooking with kids.

Nicole Avery Cooking is not only a fun activity to do with the kids, but it provides an amazing array of learning opportunities in a practical setting.


10 items every dress-up box needs

What you need for a rockin' dress-up box for kids.

Rachel Clun Here is everything you need to start your very own dress-up box for the kids.


Fashion-loving four-year-old creates daily paper dress with mum

Paper dress

Katie Carlin When Angie discovered her four-year-old daughter started to shun her store-bought dresses in favour of creating her own out of scarves and her mother’s clothes, she suggested they try creating paper dresses instead and they have been making them every day since.

Tropical Sand Dough

Tropical Sand Dough

Paging Fun Mums My kids love my Tropical Sand Dough - it's such a great sensory activity for little hands, as well as being inexpensive for parents.

No cook playdough recipe

How to make playdough

Paging Fun Mums This is so simple to make and the best part is there is no cooking required. Just mix all the ingredients together and in five minutes you have perfect playdough. You will never need to buy it from the store again.

Learning how plants absorb water

How do plants absorb water

Paging Fun Mums Try this fun science experiment with the kids to teach them how plants absorb water.

Printable routine reward chart for preschoolers


Download and print this free printable chart to record routines and rewards. and have your little one help chose their tasks and rewards.

Tracing shapes - preschoolers free printable activity


Your preschooler can practice tracing and drawing shapes with this free printable activity. Download it now and let the fun begin!

Printable Emergency Contact Info Sheet


A template for families to list important contact information in case of an emergency - your kids need to be able to make a call to 000 and have clear & correct address information.

Fun with patterns


Practice identifying and extending basic patterns.

Adventures in Zambezia colouring pages


To coincide with the release of Adventures in Zambezia download and print these fun colouring activities to entertain the kids.

Match the animal to their shadow


Livia Gamble A great activity for kids to practice sorting shapes and looking for patterns.

Maze and shape activity


The Mad Hatter has lost his tea cups! Get your preschooler to help him find them by colouring in the squares.

Egg Carton Caterpillar


Create creepy-crawly caterpillars that are egg-ceptionally fun and easy.

Alphabet Flashcards

flashcard thumb

These alphabet flashcards are a great teaching tool for helping your kids learn their ABC's.

Eckersley's colouring competition


Colour-in for your chance to win one of six Texta back to school prizes calued at $50 each.

Chinese Zodiac Memory Game


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this cute memory game.

Cinderella colouring activity


Keep the kids entertained with this free Cinderella colouring activity.

Cinderella colouring page


Keep the kids entertained with this free Cinderella colouring activity.

Cinderella spot the difference


See if your kids can find five differences in this Cinderella spot the difference activity.

Prince Charming's maze activity


Help prince charming find his princess with this fun maze activity.

Cinderella's telling time activity


Your kids can make their own clock and learn how to tell the time with this free activity.

Pirate number maze activity


A simple counting activity to help your kids count from 1 - 20.

Pirate Treasure Trace Activity


Grab a dice and dowload this Number trace activity and help your kids practice drawing numbers.

Patch's London Adventure colouring

patch colouring

Simply download and print this 101 Dalmations activity for some colouring fun.

101 Dalmatians colouring page

dalmations colouring

Keep the kids entertained with this cute 101 Dalmatians free printable colouring page.

Mickey Mouse Space Adventure colouring

mickey colouring

Download and print this free Mickey Mouse Space Adventure colouring page for your kids.

Father's Day Colouring Activity


Celebrate Father's Day with this fun colouring activity for younger kids.

Make your own Olympic medals


Celebrate the Olympics by making your own Olympic medals and holding your own ceremony with your kids.

Make your own Olympic flag


No Olympic celebration is complete without your very own flag.

Peppa Pig colouring activity


Does your child love Peppa Pig? Print-off this fun colouring activity of Peppa with her family.

Colour the fish


Celebrate World Ocean Day with this colouring page for kids.

Underwater colour by numbers


Get your kids familiar with numbers and colours with this fun underwater colouring activity.

Sealife word match challenge


Have fun with the kids as they learn the different animals that live under the sea with this word match challenge.

Ocean memory game


Celebrate World Ocean Day with this cute memory game for your kids.

Colouring fun - Skateboarding


Entertain the kids with some creative fun by downloading this free printable skateboarding colouring page.

Princess castle colouring page


Do you have a little princess in your house? Download this free printable Princess castle colouring page for some creative fun with your little one.

Mother's Day craft and card


This is a great activity to help the kids with for Mother's Day.

Make Your Own Mother's Day Card


Make mum's day with this Mother's Day Card template!

ANZAC Soldier


Teach your children the importance of ANZAC day as they colour the ANZAC soldier in this activity.

Fruit & vegetable categoriser


A fun colouring activity that teaches your kids the difference between fruit and vegetables.

St Patrick's Day Memory Game


Print off this fun St Patrick's Day activity and have hours of fun with the kids.

Easter bunny colouring


Print off this free Easter bunny colouring page for some creative fun for your child.

Easter bonnet


A great craft activity to do with your child this Easter.

Easter bunny ears


Help the kids get ready for Easter with this cute Easter bunny ear activity.

Letter Trace - K L M N O


Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet with our letter trace activities.

Letter Trace - P Q R S T


Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet with our letter trace activities.

Letter Trace - U V W X Y Z


Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet with our letter trace activities.

Letter Trace - F G H I J


Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital and lower case letters - with F G H I J


Little mouse with big dreams takes the Opera House stage


Eleanor James Surely the ultimate Christmastime outing if you’re a little girl caught up in a pink ballerina fantasy is a performance of Angelina Ballerina at the Sydney Opera House.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas colouring page


Download and print this cute Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas colouring page.

Halloween Memory Game - Preschool


How good is your memory? Simply cut up and play this spooky Halloween memory game with your child!

My family tree - Activity


Have some fun with the kids by helping them make their own family tree with our free download. Simply print and add photos of your family members to the worksheet.

My family tree - Activity

Have some fun with the kids by helping them make their own family tree with our free download. Simply print and add photos of your family members to the worksheet.


Activities & Worksheets for Younger Kids

Five easy magic tricks your kids will love

Five magic tricks your kids can master.

Livia Gamble Once you've impressed them with your tricks, pass the secrets down for your kids to show their friends.

Love your Garden

Get outside with the kids and nurture a healthy lifelong hobby

School holiday fun with Jason and Heidi Hodges and friends in the garden.

Jason Hodges Gardening with the kids can be a fun, educational and cheap activity that also gets kids outside and active.

School holiday ideas: activities and worksheets

School holiday ideas: download and print these activities

Livia Gamble Keep the kids entertained with these activities and worksheets for children of all ages.

Why parenting in spring is the best

Why parenting in spring is the best

Livia Gamble Here's 11 fun ideas and moments to relish in spring with kids.

Spelling Bee - stage 1

Practice spelling with this Spelling Bee activity.

Ellen Shaw Download and print this free activity for kids to practice their spelling.

Monkey door hanger craft


A step-by-step guide to make your very own monkey door hanger.

Child sucked under jumping castle mat

Bottom right hand corner: a boycan be seen falling into the jumping castle.

Paul Easton A parent has posted an alarming video of the moment his son slipped under an inflatable play area in Auckland and disappeared from view.

Winter word search kids activity worksheet

Find your mittens

Can your kids find the winter themed words in this word search worksheet?

Aboriginal girl who was racially abused at a Frozen event finally meets Queen Elsa

Three-year-old Samara Muir, who was racially vilified at a Disney <i>Frozen</i> event in May, attends a Melbourne high tea to meet the Norwegian sisters she adores, 'Anna' and 'Elsa'.

Daniella Miletic A three-year-old Aboriginal girl who was racially vilified at a Disney 'Frozen' event attends a Melbourne high-tea to meet her favourite film character, Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Best of Melbourne's historical adventures for kids

Polly Woodside: The 1885 tall ship icon of Melbourne.

Josefa Pete While it may seem like rugging up and staying home out of the cold is the only thing you can do these school holidays, many adventures lie in wait in Melbourne's historic city.

2015 winter school holiday guide

2015 Winter school holiday activities.

Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From dinosaurs to circus skills and ice skating - there is something to suit every child and every budget.

Seven-year-old boy at Bonnaroo music festival breaks world record for most high fives in one hour

Squish, 7, breaks the world record for most high-fives in an hour.

Clare Sibthorpe Ever wondered what the record is for the most high-fives in one hour?


Homonyms - Stage 1 Activity

Printable PDF Activity

Ellen Shaw Print off this worksheet that gives students in stage 1 practice in identifying the correct homonym in the context of a story.

Homonyms - Stage 2 Activity

Printable PDF Activity

Ellen Shaw Print off this worksheet that gives students in stage 2 practice in identifying the correct homonym in the context of a story.

Recording Data - Stage 2 Activity

Printable PDF Activity

Ellen Shaw This worksheet allows students to practice their comparison and interpretation of data, in this case in the form of a survey.

Recording Data - Stage 1 Activity

Printable PDF Activity

Ellen Shaw In this worksheet, students will be collecting data using the farm picture at the top of the page. They will count the number of each type of animals and write the total of each in the form of a tally.

Rhyming Words Early Stage 1 Activity

Printable PDF Activity Sheet

Ellen Shaw This worksheet will help your child match rhyming words together by using pictures. Rhyme is an important skill for children to grasp from an early age as it allows children to see the connection between the sound of a word and how it is written.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream celebrates past and present princesses


Livia Gamble Disney princesses have evolved from damsel in distress to the heroine of the story. But do the classic princesses or the moderns take the title of favourite?

Vivid: 10 best light displays for kids

Vivid for kids: Best light events for kids.

Livia Gamble For those who aren't able to get around to see everything the festival has to offer, we have selected the ten best light displays for kids.

Hundreds chart


Ellen Shaw A Hundreds Chart is a great resource to have for mathematics.

Subtraction for year 1-2 students


Ellen Shaw Kids will learn two digit subtraction with no regrouping.

Kindergarten subtraction worksheet


Ellen Shaw Using pictures of fruit and vegetables, help kids learn about subtraction.

DIY rock cactus

A simple gift for the kids to make mum this Mother's Day.

Bunnings Make mum a rock cactus this Mother's Day.

Practicing Patterns for Year 1-2 students


Ellen Shaw Get your Year 1-2 students up to speed on patterns with this activity worksheet.

Australian sisters make over $160,000 a month from their cooking YouTube channel

Charlie's Crafty Kitchen:

Livia Gamble Two Australian sisters are making six figures from their cooking YouTube channel.

Fun things for kids to do in the dark


Katie Carlin Night doesn't have to be scary for kids. Show them how fun it can be with Essential Kids' top fun things for kids to do in the dark.

Easter word search puzzle


Download and print this free Easter themed word search puzzle activity to entertain kids with this long weekend.

Volume worksheet - Stage1

Ahoy there! Count the volume to work out the secret word

Ellen Shaw Get your Stage 1 students up to speed on Math concepts: Volume with this printable activity worksheet.

Julia Donaldson, 'The Gruffalo' isn't her most popular book


Livia Gamble Despite the figures children’s author and performer Julian Donaldson said 'The Gruffalo' isn’t her most popular book.

Ideas to celebrate Valentines Day with your family

Family love: Valentine's Day is just as much for families as it is for lovers.

Lisa Almond If Valentine's Day is all about love, and we all love our kids so much, then why aren’t families celebrating this holiday as well? Here is how you can.

The best age for children to start making New Year resolutions

Making resolutions count ...

Catherine Rodie I have been making new years resolutions since I was a child and I am really keen to pass this tradition on to my five-year-old daughter – but will she be ready?


How to create DIY Christmas wrapping paper


Emma Clapham Create a special, more personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year by decorating your own wrapping paper. Here is your step-by-step guide.

Kids hand print Christmas wreath tutorial


My Name Is Snickerdoole The Kids Hand Print Christmas Wreath tutorial couldn't be easier and can also be given as present to grandparents.

Christmas craft for kids

These hand decorated Christmas baubles are a great way to personalise Christmas.

Here is a selection of the best Christmas craft for kids to make this festive season. Your home will be filled with homemade treasures and your kids will be thoroughly entertained. What more could you ask for?

Healthy Halloween treats for kids

A healthy twist on Halloween treats.

Nicole Avery You can still have fun without candy at Halloween with these simple fruit treats.

St Patrick's Day word search


Find all the words in this shamrock inspired fun St Patrick's Day word search printable activity.

Pirate maze activity

Walk the plank

Help ye buccaneer to the treasure and back to his ship in this fun free kids maze activity.

Gardens spring to life as kids get busy in the yard

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Zara Alcock, 6 and brother Henry Alcock 3 1/2, and dog Gracie, in their vegetable and aromatic garden Seen here picking lemons fresh off the tree. on September 12, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Michele Mossop/Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Esther Han Australia's gardens will be flowery and colourful affairs this spring, trending away from green-on-green designs and a laissez-faire approach, green-thumbed experts say.

Music and art for kids big and small

High five: Phil Jamieson and James Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle) are performing at the Dress Up Attack! festival in Marrickville.

Letitia Rowlands Thanks to Dress Up Attack! there's no reason to give up music festivals just because you've become a parent.

Father's Day crafts from around the web


Father's Day is nearly here, help your kids show how much they love their dad with one of these cute crafts.


The Boxtrolls activity sheet


Try this fun Boxtrolls activity worksheet that is full of all the favourites - spot the difference, word finder, maze and find Fish.

Make your own word search activity


Create a word search activity that is great for practising sight words, spelling lists or theme-based words.

Cold and flu play dough

A fun way to clear stuffy noses.

Paging Fun Mums Here’s a simple recipe for making a special batch of play dough when your children aren’t feeling the best.

Lost photos reveal unchanging face of motherhood

Ken Heyman

Mark Bussel and Ken Heyman Photos left forgotten in storage for nearly 50 years resurface to reveal stunning candid moments of motherhood taken by accomplished American photographer Ken Heyman.

Best themed movie marathon ideas for kids

More than a movie night.

Rachel Clun Make the kids day with a themed movie marathon - here are four ideas to get you started!

How to throw an indoor picnic with the kids

Bringing your picnic indoors.

Rachel Clun Picnics are always great fun and you don’t have to let the weather stop you from enjoying one.

Should school holidays be for recuperation or activities?

Do your kids have active or relaxing school breaks?

Lakshmi Singh Do you pack your child's day full of activities during the school holidays or are you more inclined to use it as a break from schedules and plans?Which is the better approach?


World Cup Football word search


Find all the football words in this fun word search for kids.

Cat Jokes for kids


Download and print this page of funny Cat jokes for kids. They will have you purring with delight

Dog Jokes for kids


Download and print this page of funny Dog jokes for kids. You'll be barking mad with laughter!

Dinosaur jokes for kids


Download and print this page of funny dinosaur jokes for kids. They'll have your mini-Paleontologists giggling all the way to the museum.

Easter Jokes for kids


Download and print this page of silly Easter jokes for kids. They'll "crack you up!"

Loom bands and bracelets: how to make the latest trend in the schoolyard

Rainbow Loom

Amber Robinson If your child is not yet pestering you to buy tiny and colourful rubber bands, it’s only a matter of time. The Rainbow Loom trend is sweeping the world. Here are seven bracelet tutorials to get you started.


Crafty Easter fun for kids


Celebrate the Easter holidays with these fun Easter-themed craft activities.

Chocolate alternative Easter gifts for kids


Trying to limit the amount of chocolate your kids are going tto eat over the Easter break? Here are some ideas for non-chocolate easter gifts.


St Patrick's Day Jokes for kids


What's the craic? Download and print this page of St Patrick's Day jokes for kids. They'll be telling these ones for years to come.

Mini Easter Basket Craft


Paging Fun Mums These adorable Easter Baskets are so easy to make and don't require a lot of preparation - making them a perfect craft for an Easter Party, Playgroup or Classroom activity.

Valentines day crafts activities


Josefa Pete Valentine’s Day can be a great way for kids to show the ones they love just how much they care and an even better way to get into some crafty and fun ways of showing that love.


Why did the chicken cross the road jokes for kids


Download and print this page of cross the road jokes for kids. These are classic corny dad jokes - the kind you see in christmas crackers - but are good clean jokes for kids.

What do you get when you cross a ... Jokes for kids


Download and print this page of what do you get when you cross a ....jokes for kids. Good clean fun jokes for kids to learn and try out on their friends.

Activities & Worksheets for Older Kids

How teal coloured pumpkins are making Halloween safer for kids with allergies

The Teal Pumpkin Project means all kids are included this Halloween.

Livia Gamble 2:42pm Not all kids get to take advantage of adults handing out sugar by the handful.

School holiday activities

School holiday activities

Your guide to entertaining the kids these school holidays.

Schools dress code: student sent home for leopard print hair

Leopard hair

Kerri Sackville Mother claims school dress code is a breach of her daughter's human rights.

Comments 1

Two Russian boys dig their way out of kindergarten, plan to buy a sportscar

Great escape ... two boys dug their way out of kindergarten.

Livia Gamble Planning their escape for several days, two five-year-old boys set out to buy a car.

School holiday activities: Brisbane & QLD spring 2015

Things to do in the school holidays: Queensland.

To help minimise the complaints these holidays, here's what's happening in and around Queensland.

Melbourne Fringe Festival kids' program

Random Musical at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Annalisa Giudici Melbourne Fringe Festival runs through September and has 22 events for kids.

Melbourne: eight places for kids to play in the city

Fun for kids in the city.

Megan Blandford Explore the playful side of Melbourne with these eight fun-filled activities.

Sydney Fringe Festival kids' program

Sydney Fringe festival kids' program.

Livia Gamble The Sydney Fringe Festival is on throughout September.

Sydney the ultimate spring playground for kids

Playful fun in the city.

Megan Blandford How to slow things down and really experience Sydney in a way that makes it fun for all.

School holiday activities: Canberra & ACT Spring 2015

Livia Gamble Say goodbye to boredom and hello to fun.

School holiday activities: Hobart & Tasmania spring 2015

Tasmania spring 2015 school holiday activities.

Livia Gamble Workshops and adventures - kids will love the activities available these school holidays.

School holiday activities: Darwin & NT spring 2015

Livia Gamble Home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia, kids can have a hands-on croc experience these holidays.

School holiday activities: Perth & WA spring 2015

Western Australia spring 2015 Western Australia

Livia Gamble Western Australia has loads of opportunities to keep the kids active these holidays.

School holiday activities: Adelaide & SA spring 2015

South Australia spring 2015 school holiday activities

Livia Gamble South Australia will please the little sports stars, foodies and more this spring.

School holiday activities: Melbourne & VIC spring 2015

Discover Africa at Zoos Victoria.

Livia Gamble & Annalisa Giudici Whether it's educational or fun activities you seek, Victoria has plenty on offer.

School holiday activities: Sydney & NSW spring 2015

New South Wales school holiday activities

Livia Gamble & Wendy Preston There's so many new opportunities get out and enjoy the great outdoors this spring. Or why not take in one of the many festivals that offer a range of family entertainment?

The ultimate man-friendly Father's Day feast

Father's Day ... how to make the man feel loved.

Danielle Colley Everything you need to plan a special meal for your dad this Father's Day.

Winter Word Scramble kids activity worksheet

Catch a snowflake

Using the winter themed words, find them all in this chilly wordsearch worksheet.

Winter Acrostic poem kids activity worksheet

W is for woolly jumpers

What does winter mean to you? Use this free printable activity to write a little poem all about winter.

Campbell Remess: 11 year old charitable teddy bear maker extraordinaire

Loren Smith Everyone kept saying “can I buy one?” and he’d say “no” because they’re going to hospitals.


Recording Data - Stage 3 Activity

Printable PDF Activity

Ellen Shaw This worksheet will help students practice reading and interpreting 2 way tables, using that information to create a side by side column graph and then answering questions to analyse and evaluate the data.

Art performance of giant human puppet giving birth causes confusion


Livia Gamble A Melbourne performing arts company has been making waves this week after a video of their live performance was picked up on social media.

Sydneysiders are getting an official Hello Kitty diner

Hello Kitty diner comes to Sydney.

Livia Gamble Hello Kitty fans will be pleased to know the restaurant franchise is coming to Sydney.

Subtraction for years 3-4 students


Ellen Shaw Students can practice their subtraction skills with these questions.

Australian cricketer Michael Clarke says there's more to sport than winning and losing

Michael Clarke: There's more to sport than winning and losing.

Livia Gamble Even Australian cricket team test captain Michael Clarke has setbacks; but without the tough times he says he wouldn't be where he is today.

Behind the News anti-bullying campaign, asking students to pledge support to victims of bullying

Friday March 20 is the National Day of Action Against Bullying

Livia Gamble TV program Behind The News is encouraging kids to stand up and support those who need it most this National Day of Action Against Bullying.

Movie World: Six people spent 3 hours trapped on Green Lantern ride after 'an issue with a wheel'

Six people were stranded on the Green Lantern ride for more than three hours on Sunday.

Amy Remeikis Six people spent more than three hours trapped in carriage 33 metres above ground.


Volume worksheet - Stage3

Calculate the volume practice activity

Ellen Shaw This worksheet is working towards students being competent in their measurement and calculating the volume of objects. In Stage 3, students are also expected to convert units which is another skill that this worksheet will allow students to practice.

Volume worksheet - Stage2

Work out the volume of these objects.

Ellen Shaw Volume is the amount of space at an object takes up. Get your Stage 2 student practicing the concept of volume with this printable worksheet.

Quincy Symonds is champion surfer and she's only six

The Flying Squirrel: 6-year-old champion surfer.

Livia Gamble A six-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that affects her body’s ability to create cortisone is a surfing champion.

Should Aussie kids go on US-style summer camps?

Summer camps give kids something to do on the ever-so-long summer holidays.

Rebecca English Is there something to this American summer camp idea? After all, they give kids something to do on the ever-so-long summer holidays.

Frozen's Olaf sock snowman tutorial

Do you want to build a snowman?

One Creative Mommy Do you want to build a snowman? This tutorial shows you how to an Olaf snowman without the snow.

7 DIY advent calendars for the home


Get your craft on this weekend with these cool DIY advent calendars for the home.

Single people refused entry into theme park, potential risk to children


Livia Gamble A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.

Kids have no idea how to load a camera with film


BRIAN KOERBER The Fine Bros. questioned 11 kids, ages 13 and under, about a 35mm Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom from 1998. It's safe to say that they weren't too familiar with the concept of film photography.


How to make a terrarium

Make your own arid terrarium by following the steps below.

Paging Fun Mums If your child loves everything about gardens we have a fun project for them to get their green thumbs stuck into.

Seven Dwarfs ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom catches fire


Brittany Levine Firefighters have extinguished a fire at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at the Magic Kingdom park, Saturday night.


30 spooky snacks for a frightfully delicious halloween party


Andrea Romano If you want your big monster mash to be hit, it's not the music or the decorations that are really going to wow your guests — it's the food.


Teach kids how to make butter

Kids will learn how to make butter with fun and useful experiment.

Rachel Clun Science experiments are always great fun, but they can often be complicated and messy to do at home. Not this one.

Dad films son take electric wheelchair and sister for a spin in adorable video

11-year-old Reece Delashmit and his baby sister Sophie take his new electirc wheelchair for a spin.

Brian Koerber Reece Delashmit, 11, decided to test out his new powered wheelchair by giving his little sister a test ride down the hall, on the way to deliver some clothes to the laundry room.

Your guide to the total lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse

Caroline Zielinski Everything you want to know about tonight's lunar eclipse. A great resource to share with your kids beforehand.

Mermaid school is making kids' dreams come true


Livia Gamble Sirenas Mediterranean Academy in Tarragona, Spain teaches humans how to be mermaids.


April Fool's Day trick word search


Find all the words (or not) in our fun printable trick word search activity.

Pirate word search

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

Find all the words or you'll walk the plank with these pirate realted words in our fun printable pirate word search activity.

Spring school holiday guide 2014

Plan your school holiday fun here.

Livia Gamble According to a poll, grumpy children say they are bored over 200 times over the summer holidays. To help you minimise the complaints here is state by state guide of what's on around Australia during the Spring holidays.

How to make baby Groot cupcakes

Baby Groot in cupcake form.

If your family loved Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as much as ours did you will be racing the kids to the kitchen to create these adorable baby Groot cupcakes.

Roald Dahl's 'The Witches', a one-man show

Bewitched: Roald Dahl's wicked tale is brought to the stage.

Linda Morris From Grand High Witch to wind-up mouse, Roald Dahl's beloved children's book The Witches gets a timely work-out.


11 ways to make science fun for your kids


Sylvan Lane The vinegar and baking soda volcano is a science fair classic, but making science fun for your kids can mean a lot more than making a mess of your kitchen.


Best board games by decade

Quality family time around a classic board game.

We have collected a list of our favourite releases by decade for you to add to your growing pile of games.

Teach children how to plant a tree


Kids can learn how to plant a tree in time for National Tree Day on Sunday 27th July with this step-by-step guide.

Vision-impaired children fly high with circus activities

Zara Perry

Michael Power Nine-year-old Zara Perry has severe vision-impairment and albinism but that hasn't stopped her from flying on the high trapeze.


Know your bike parts?


Test your or your kids bike knowledge with this "Name the bike parts" worksheet.

Learn to draw - Bicycle


Le Tour keeping you and the up at night? Here is a quick and easy way to learn to draw a bicycle.

Winter school holiday guide 2014


Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From ice skating to music theatre classes there is something to suit every child and every budget.

Printable School Holiday Planner


Download and print this free printable chart to organise the school holidays

Know your flags - FIFA World Cup 2014 Quiz


Do you know all the FIFA World Cup 2014 teams and their flags? Test your knowledge of the world flags.

Football World Cup 2014 activities for kids


Activities for your little football fan. Design a kit, word search, flag quiz.

Design a World Cup Football kit

Your chance to design your team's kit to celebrate the FIFA World Cup.

Make your own butterfly feeder

How to make a butterfly feeder.

Paging Fun Mums Who wouldn't want to attract butterflies to their home? This is so simple to make and the kids love it.

Freaks and pigs pull visitors in at the Easter Show


Melanie Kembrey The wet weather certainly didn't deter the crowds from heading to the show on the first day of school holidays. While the self-confessed "freaks" are a hit, it's the "humble pig" that is the real star of the show.


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11 easy DIYs to spruce up your teen girl's bedroom

Click through the gallery for some simple ideas and tutorials.

Teacher creates Harry Potter themed classroom

An Oklahoma teacher is literally immersing her students in the world of reading, remaking her classroom to resemble something out of JK Rowling's wizarding world.

Ten favourite TV and movie nannies

Having a nanny around the home is very beneficial for parents and for kids.

Kmart decor hacks

Entire communities on Instagram are devoted to showing Kmart homewares prepped, preened and hacked into designer items.

Awards 2015: Vote now for a chance to win $2000

Vote for your favourite pregnancy, baby and toddler products for your chance to win your share of $2500 in cash prizes.

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