A rainbow of possibilities: 10 tie dye craft activities for kids

Who can forget the thrill of tie dye from childhood? Anyone who ever did it can relate to the soaring highs of tie dye and crushing lows when it didn't quite come out right. 

The good thing is that tie dye is pretty easy to get right - it's all about the tightness and thickness of the rubber bands and if they can get that down pat and dip it correctly, it's a recipe for a crafty obsession. 

There are even easier ways to get the effect such as using sharpies and rubbing alcohol on a pair of white sandshoes. What is a given is the instant gratification, even if the results are unpredictable at first.

We've gone on the hunt for some awesome tie dye craft tutorials so you can get them into tie dye at home. Click through our gallery to see the things your child can make and click the links to the tutorials.

If home craft is not your idea of fun there's always the Kidtopia t-shirt making masterclass in Sydney on October 7-9, where they can dye, stencil or fringe a t-shirt to their heart's content.