'Adult' Play Doh and the scent are so relatable - kind of

Finally: adult Play-Doh is here!
Finally: adult Play-Doh is here! Photo: Amazon

Play Doh isn't just for kids anymore!

The popular play putty is usually targeted towards children - but now you can get your own adult version. Available on Amazon, Play-Doh have released a line catering to adults – and the scents are spot on. Well most of them, anyway.

There are six different smells, which the makers claim will bring 'joy' to adults, available; overpriced Latte (coffee); Mum Jeans (clean denim); Grill King (smoked meats); Dad Sneakers (rubber); Spa Day (floral); and Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass).

The adult scented Play-Doh comes in six different scents.

The adult scented Play-Doh comes in six different scents. Photo: Amazon

General Manager Leena Vadaketh told HuffPost that the toys are made to "give people a good laugh".

"The aromas are meant to evoke everyday things that bring adults joy, like brand-new shoes or freshly cut grass," she explained.

"It won't solve your first world problems, but it's a great gift for men or women, fun white elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, fidget desk toys, gag gifts," the description on Amazon reads.

There's six 'relatable' adults scents.

There's six 'relatable' adults scents. Photo: Amazon

"Skip the line of coffee snobs with Overpriced Latte coffee scent, give your gal pal a Play-Doh Spa Day with floral scented, or give the ultimate dad joke comeback with Dad Sneakers new shoe smell. Smells like a pretty great gift or adult party favour that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!"

Although it's marketing as a gag gift, people have pointed out the benefits of Play-Doh as a stress reliever or to help with hand exercises.

So clear some space on the kitchen table and get ready to get arty with the adult scented play putty!