Can you guess what this artwork is made from? Hint: It's edible

Kristen Cummings makes artwork from jelly beans.
Kristen Cummings makes artwork from jelly beans. 

If you're puzzling over what this artwork could be made from, then you're not alone.

It's only on closer inspection that its true nature is revealed and it's very, very sweet.

Kristen Cumings' amazing artwork is made from an elaborate mosaic of jelly beans. Yes, that's right, jelly beans. She painstakingly applies Jelly Belly jelly beans onto pre-prepared artworks and her latest obsession are superheroes. She was at New York Comic Con last month making a Wonder Woman artwork for the attendees to witness and was snapped applying 12,000 delicately-hued jelly beans to the artwork.

Jelly Belly named her its 'artist in residence' for the New York Comic Con, which she attended last year as well. That year she made incredible jelly bean portraits of Batman and Yoda.

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Kristen Cummings 

We can't wait to see what she does next. Here are some other artworks Kristen has done.