Designer dollhouses that will make you feel so inadequate

Remember the time you crafted some dollhouse furniture entirely out of paper?

Sure, it only lasted a day and looked pretty ordinary to a trained eye, and the bed might have buckled under the weight of the Barbie and the standard lamp couldn't quite stand up, but it was yours and that was enough.

Well buckle up, people: here are some dollhouses that will make you weep in humiliation. A bunch of very talented and hardworking people have made entire designer dollhouses that put your real house to shame.

There are miniature designer staircases you wish you really had. There are iconic Scandinavian chairs and rugs we'd be saving for years for if they were for our actual living rooms; and they're all charmingly scaled down to fit inside a wee house that's way more serene and together than your actual decor will ever be.

Because, let's face it, when your abode is punctuated with Nerf gun orange (and littered with bright blue darts), and paper is piled up on every surface, we can only dream about having places this put together.

Enjoy the photo gallery above with relish. It will transport you to a wonderful land of tiny perfection.

If you want to get in on the designer dollhouse movement, there are an increasing number of sellers you can buy from. Click the links under the photos for more information.