DIY leprechaun traps for St Pat's Day

DIY Leprechaun Trap.
DIY Leprechaun Trap. Photo:

Although St. Patrick's Day is an Irish tradition, many Australian's come together to celebrate Irish culture and rememeber St Patrick's life.

A great way for kids and parents to celebrate is to create these fun leprechaun traps.

Parents, your job is to spread the word and mischief of leprechauns and the things they get up to on St. Patrick's day.

From turning the milk green to leaving trails of their magical confetti, the kids are responsible for coming up with some creative ways to try and catch them in the act.

But remember, although tiny, they are very clever.

We've collected a few DIY leprechaun trap tutorials to get you started.

Interactive Leprechaun Trap from Modern Parents Messy Kids


The interactive element of this trap means the possibilities are endless. Let your kids come up with creative ways to trick a leprechaun into falling for their trap.


How to trap a leprechaun tutorial


Most of the materials for this trap can be found around the home, with the exception of the pot of gold and stickers. Visit Marshmallow Mudpie for the full tutorial.

Leprechaun Trap Cake


Not your ordinary cake, designed to lure and trap a leprachaun into the depths of the cake's pit. The added bonus is you can eat it too. Visit not martha for the full tutorial.

Leprechaun hat pit trap


According to Spoonful, leprechauns have big egos and can't resist a giant version of their own hat. Visit Spoonful's website for the complete tutorial and see if they are right.

Pot of gold leprechaun trap


Trapping a leprechaun in a giant pot of gold is pure genious. Head over to Lori Danielle for the instructions.