Easy DIY Christmas gift wrap and gift cards

Christmas is just around the corner and excitement amongst the kids is high. Children love to be involved in gift giving and by creating some Christmas craft together you can make your holiday greetings more thoughtful, while having fun.

Possibly the most lovely gift you can give someone is a heartfelt, handmade card. And who doesn't love receiving a gift beautifully wrapped? It's easy to make your own Christmas cards and gift wrap, which add extra sentiment to Christmas gifts. Get into the festive spirit and enjoy these Christmas gift-wrapping ideas with your kids.

This season, instead of going out and buying those cheap packs of Christmas cards that you know everyone is going to get, why not be creative make your own? These craft activities are simple, require minimal expense, and you will have heaps of fun sharing this activity with your little ones.   

What You'll Need:

  • Thick craft card (available from your local craft supplier)
  • White wrapping paper (or good quality Butcher's paper)
  • Something to draw with (fine tip pen) 
  • Washi tape
  • Twine/Ribbon/Embellishments
  • Scissors

How to make your own Christmas Gift Cards

Step 1: Fold your paper in half to create your card.

Step 2: Create the base of the Christmas tree first with a square of washi tape.

Step 3: Begin cutting washi tape to size. You want to ensure your edges are sharp. Use bright, colourful, patterned washi tape and have fun creating a unique Christmas tree.

Step 4: Ensure each size is slightly smaller than the previous one until you reach the top of the tree (use a triangle for the peak).

Step 5: Glue a star, or hand draw a star or angel at the top. Or cut some more washi tape out to form presents under the tree.


Depending on the age of your child, and their scissor skills, you may want to adapt this design slightly and go for a more unstructured free-form tree design. It really doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, imperfect craft is often the best kind!

* Also pictured you will see a Christmas bauble card. You can buy ready-made washi tape circles, or a simple cut and paste job will suffice. Simple, yet effective.

How to make your own Christmas Bunting Gift Wrap

Step 1: Carefully wrap your present in white or brown paper, taking care to fold in edges neatly and tightly.

Step 2: Draw curved lines on the left-hand side of the paper with a black permanent marker

Step 3: Carefully cut triangles out of red and green washi tape to form bunting.

Step 4: Place triangles directly underneath black marker and alternate colours to resemble and red & green Christmas Bunting.

Step 5: Personalise the gift wrap with a Christmas greeting on the side. 

Alternatively, use washi tape to create your own unique pattern on the gift wrap. Use different patterns and widths and add an embellishment like the star pictured. It's so simple to make your own gift wrap and stand out from the store-bought Santa gift wrap!

Most importantly, have fun with your child. Your personalised gift wrap and gift cards will be sure to spread some holiday cheer!

Michaela Fox is a writer, blogger and mother to three daughters. Follow her parenting blog Not Another Slippery Dip for parenting, food and craft inspiration. You can also join her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.