Have a crafty birthday party with homemade decorations

Older children can make their own crafty decorations - from the simple to the more elaborate, the sky is the limit!
Older children can make their own crafty decorations - from the simple to the more elaborate, the sky is the limit! Photo: Rainie Williams

Does your child love everything crafty? Why not have a craft-themed birthday party and make the decorations to match.

We've got a list of crafty ideas for you and your child to make in the lead up to the big day. You could also provide each guest with a kit to make one of the decorations, which sure beats a sugary take-home bag.

The very best thing about these decorations is that they are reusable, which is better for the environment and will also pretty up a bedroom.

1. Crochet Bunting

Photo: Pink Milk

Bunting creates such a lovely festive visual – replace traditional paper garlands with crochet bunting that will act a keepsake for years to come; for a quicker make, cut crochet doileys in half and stitch onto cotton tape.

For a no-sew option, cut felt tiles in half, then glue or staple to a shiny piece of ribbon – choose bright colours and punch out shapes from the felt for fiesta-style!

We also love this crochet bunting tutorial from crafty blog Pink Milk.

2. Bringing the Zoo to You

Photo: Getty

Is your child a roaring lion? Perhaps more of a wise owl? Go wild and host a masquerade party and make the animal masks.


Simply cut a paper plate in half, whole punch some eyes, pop on some pipe cleaners and create some wise whiskers.

The hardest part will be getting your kids to take them off! The best part? Hours of entertainment. 

Kool Kids Crafts have some neat animal mask tutorials.

3. Pom-Pom Garland

Replace traditional paper streamers with precious pom poms.

Bunch together some frothy fabric – organza or netting and tie using silk which will help create an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere -  it's time to tulle!  

Continue the theme with tiny pom pom decorations on cupcakes and cards.

Not a crafter and just happen to love this idea? Buy a tulle pom pom garland here.

Tutorial here. More pom pom crafts from Cool Crafts here.

4. Placemats with pizzazz

Photo: Getty

Add a personal touch to your children's party by laminating your child's artwork.

Better yet - set up a party station where there is a colourful display of pens, pencils, glitter and stickers and encourage our little guests to create their very own placemats.  

Food for thought…

Here's a fun tutorial from Kids Activities Blog.

5. No-burst Balloons 

Photo: Supplied

There's nothing sadder than deflated balloons and post-party blues. A dream catcher provides a perfect decorating replacement.

For a no-sew version: secure a doily between the two rings of an embroidery hoop and decorate with ribbon, beads and feathers. 

Hang your dream catcher by the screw at the top, and you're done.

Sweet dreams baby….it's party time! 

To find more amazing crafting ideas, go along to the Stitches and Craft Show.

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