Hidden rainbow hair is the new teen hair craze parents won't even notice

There's a new teen hair craze happening and it may even be happening in stealth mode in your own home, escaping even the most attuned parental eye.

It's called hidden rainbow hair and it's the process of dying the inner-most underlayers of hair in an array of perfect rainbow colours, so that only when the hair is tied up can it be seen.

For those open to the bright hair thing, it's undeniably-appealing; for others, it's your worst nightmare. Lots of dollars spent at hairdressers or a rainbow of bleach and vibrant hair dye all over your bathroom.

We just hope your teens are creatively inclined in the hair department, or that they're holding down some good part-time jobs, because hair-wise, this is high maintenance city.

Click through the gorgeous gallery of hidden rainbow hair creations.