How to make a terrarium

Make your own arid terrarium by following the steps below.
Make your own arid terrarium by following the steps below. Photo: Paging Fun Mums

My son loves everything about the garden, We have had fun making herb gardens, planting sunflowers, and even made a green thumb pot, but for our next garden-inspired project we were looking for something that could be enjoyed the whole year round. The answer? A terrarium.

When I went to the local nursery, I spoke to a lovely employee who shared all of his knowledge with me, which, in turn, I will now share with you.

There are two types of Terrariums that you can make:

Alternatively you can make a tropical terrarium.
Alternatively you can make a tropical terrarium. Photo: Paging Fun Mums

1. Arid - is a dry environment made for succulents, cacti and plants that don't require much moisture.

2. Tropical - is a wet environment that is ideal for ferns and other small tropical plants.

What you will need for a tropical terrarium:

  • A large glass Mason Jar
  • Potting Mix
  • Chunky rocks
  • 2 small ferns
  • A 'ground cover' plant - 'Baby Tears'
  • Decorative stones/gems (these are not necessary, but they look pretty!)
  • Spray bottle

Step 1

Add 2 inches of rocks to the bottom of the jar (these are added to assist with drainage).


Step 2

Add approximately the same amount of soil.

Step 3

Easy to follow steps.
Easy to follow steps. Photo: Paging Fun Mums

Take your Baby Tears out of the pot and separate it into about 4 sections.

Step 4

Plant the baby tears around the outside of the jar.

Step 5

Plant your little ferns in the middle ensuring their roots are covered in the soil.

Step 6

Add the decorative stones.

Step 7

Spritz with a few sprays of water and you have yourself a tropical terrarium!

You will need to water your wet terrarium at least once a day and keep in a well lit area.

What you will need for a arid terrarium:

  • Glass hanging jar - you can use a large Mason Jar also
  • Potting mix
  • Sand
  • Chunky rocks
  • A small succulent plant
  • A 'ground cover'  - from the cactus family
  • Decorative stones/gems (again, these are not necessary, but they look pretty!)
  • Spray bottle

Use the exact same steps as above except for the soil in step 2 - you will need to addyour sand to the soil (50/50 ratio). We used one cup of soil and one cup of sand.

Your dry terrarium will hardly need any water - a spritz or two each week will be plenty!

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