Ideas to celebrate Valentines Day with your family

Family love: Valentine's Day is just as much for families as it is for lovers.
Family love: Valentine's Day is just as much for families as it is for lovers. Photo: Getty

Valentine's Day is probably not the first holiday you think of when you think of family holidays and traditions. Normally a day for couples to celebrate their love; the idea of families celebrating Valentine's Day isn't a familiar concept to most. 

Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on February 14 and to many it is viewed as a largely commercialised holiday where couples make large declarations of love to their significant other.

If you look at the meaning of the day I think everyone agrees it is essentially about love.

If it is all about love, and we all love our kids so much, then why aren't families celebrating this holiday as well?

Many of us are like Rachel Hair who had never considered the idea. "I've always shrugged off Valentine's Day as another commercial money generator and had never thought of it as an opportunity to share the love with my family and children in such a special way."

It wasn't until she had heard how other families celebrated the holiday that she changed her mind.

"I really loved all the ideas," she stated, after discussing Valentine's Day stories with friends.

One such family is the Cook family who celebrate Valentine's Day every year as a family.


"My partner gets myself and our daughter matching Valentine's Day presents. Last year we both got flowers. He picked her up from preschool with flowers. She was over the moon," Ashley-Jane Cook explained.

As a family, the Cooks continue their celebrations into the evening.

"Usually we have a picnic for dinner with a yummy 'red' themed dessert that my daughter and I make in the afternoon."

Mother of two, Bec Geeves is also excited to celebrate Valetine's Day as a family.

"I do something for the kids every year. Whether it is just a small heart chocolate or balloon. And we like them to come to dinner or lunch with us. They are just as important and just as loved," she gushed.

If you're after some ways to share the Valentine's Day love with your family here are some great ideas to get the kids involved and show them just how much they mean to you.

Post-it notes – in lunch boxes or even around the house, a little note to say 'just because I love you' can really make a little person's day.

Valentine's Craft – Grab some red paper, textas or pencils and you and the kids can create a very personalised Valentine's card or creation for those that you love.

A homemade gift certificate – Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Why not wrap up a gift certificate for a night off packing the dish-washer or an extra half hour of game time? Sure to be a hit for all.

Valentine's meals – Some sweet heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast are a great way to share the love over a meal this Valentine's Day. Sit together as a family and take turns telling each other what you love about your family.

Set the mood – Children love candles. What better day to set up some candles and create a loved up mood to spend the evening in.

Spread the love – Why not try something completely new and start a Valentine's Day pay it forward. Tell the kids to pick a person they love (grandparents are a great idea) ring them and take the time to tell them why you love them and then let them know to pass the love on by calling someone they love and continuing the chain.

Some people may get caught up in the commercialism of Valentine's Day but as a family it can mean so much more.

By taking the time out to offer little gifts of love to your children you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Like the memories of Katherine Swords, "When I was a kid my mum used to put chocolate hearts on our pillows. I loved it so much, I still remember they were Darrell Lea chocolate love hearts."

It doesn't have to be a grand gesture; sometimes it's the smallest ones that have the biggest impact.