Indoor activities for rainy days

Just because it is raining doesn't mean kids have to be bored.
Just because it is raining doesn't mean kids have to be bored. Photo: Getty Images

It's winter and more often than not, cold and wet outside. There are only so many indoor play centres you can visit and movies you can see before patience starts to wear thin – for everyone.

Here are some ideas for those cold, rainy days indoors with the kids:

Play "Sardines": 

Hide and seek no longer cutting it? Why not try Sardines. In this version one person hides and everyone else seeks. Just don't be the last!

Dig out the board games: 

Whether it's Guess Who, Twister, Connect 4 or Jenga, playing board games is always a fun way to pass the time.

Play Dress-Ups: 

Gather all those Halloween costumes, superhero suits, tutus and fairy wings and play dress-ups. Add some high heels, hats, and - If you're feeling extra daring - some face paint. Viola!


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Make Play Dough: 

It's easy, fun and no cooking required. Make your own with our no cook play dough recipe here.  

Have a movie-marathon: 

Stay in your pyjamas, drag some pillows, mattresses or sleeping bags in front of the TV and work your way through some family favourites. Don't forget the popcorn.

Do some science experiments: 

Whether it's a "Tornado in a Jar" or super cool baking soda and vinegar reactions, here are 10 science experiments for kids to get you started.

Play balloon tennis: 

All you need are some paddlepop sticks, paper plates and some balloons. (And an area away from mum's favourite vase.) Here is how.

Get your craft on: 

Dig out the DIY craft box and get crafty. Here are some ideas kids and parents alike with love.

Make a movie /YouTube video/TV show: 

The Voice, a homemade episode of Peppa Pig or an original screenplay -  all you need is a phone to record it. Lights, Camera, Action!

Learn a new skill: 

Try your hand at some sewing or learn to play chess.

Make paper planes: 

And fly them from the top of the stairs. 

Build a cubby house: 

Grab some sheets and some pillows and make a cubby house under the dining room table. And the best part? It can be a rocket ship, a school, or pirate ship – the possibilities are endless.