Make a pinata

A kid's party favourite
A kid's party favourite 

There is a current craze at parties to have a pinata . Here's how to make your own - get the kids involved in preparing for their party and have a ball at the same time.

What you will need:

A few days (making and drying time)

Craft Knife
Tissue paper / or Paint
Goodies to fill

There are two options for glue, pick one below.

To make paper mache glue 1: mix 3 part white glue (pva) to 1 part water - use immediately

To make paper mache glue 2: mix/whisk 1/4 cup plain flour in 1 cup cold water till free of lumps then add it to 4 cups of boiling water in a saucepan and gently boil while stirring till it thickens slightly (3-5 mins). Allow to cool before using.

What to do:

Blow up the balloon and tie off, tape on bits of cardboard / egg carton pieces / kitchen roll tubes / etc to create the shape of the "pinata" you wish to create. (eg. fish, pig, cat, dino, car, rocket, face,... )


Tear plenty of newspaper into strips (approx 2cm wide 12cm long) and soak in a bucket of water. (TIP: not for too long)

Dip strips of newspaper into glue to coat and stick over balloon shape, continue, overlapping newspaper slightly till shape is fully covered with one layer. (TIP: use a cup or bowl to balance your balloon on.) Allow to dry.

Complete two more layers of newspaper. (TIP: try not to make it too think, or it will be too hard for kids to break)

Allow the pinata to fully dry, now cut a 5x5cm flap in the top using a craft knife. Also make two small holes either side of the flap to string up your pinata and insert string.

Now to decorate, you can paint your pinata or cut strips (approx 2 cm wide 5cm long) of coloured tissue paper. Starting at the bottom of the pinata shape, put glue on half of the tissue paper strip and stick to the shape, going in lines across the bottom of the pinata and working your way up creating a layered fringe effect. (making sure you dont stick the flap shut just yet)

Once this is dry and decorated, fill with goodies, (sweets / small toys)  tape the flap shut and its ready to hang. 

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