Make these quick and easy Valentine's Day chocolate heart pops with your kids

Valentine's Day chocolate heart pops
Valentine's Day chocolate heart pops 

We do love a bit of chocolate making and it really is a cinch if you have the right gear. We've put together all you need to make some simple chocolate heart pops for Valentine's Day.

Maybe the kids would like to make enough to take to school for friends or perhaps they'll never make it out of the house before being snaffled by family members. Either way, it's a great way to bond with your kids over chocolate.

First you need supplies, so we've sought out some online help and found a lot of online supplies at Spotlight. Click on the links to see and buy the products.

You'll need the mould, some chocolate in two contrasting colours such as milk and white, some lollipop sticks and some food colouring (optional if you just want to stick with brown and white). You could also go for some edible sprinkles to place in the mould before pouring in the chocolate.

Watch this video for visual reference - kids often like to see it modelled before they attempt it themselves. You'll need to follow the melting instructions on the pack of chocolate and have everything laid out ready.

If you're wanting to give to people as gifts, these cello bags make great wrappers. Tie with string or ribbon to finish off and have a sweet Valentine's Day.