Make your own family memory box



  • 155810  Carnival Arts & Crafts Wooden Memory Box
  • 138328  Teacher’s Choice Cut Outs Boys & Girls
  • 138314  Teacher’s Choice Craftwood Hearts
  • 117551  Jo Sonja’s Acrylic Paint Amethyst
  • 117593  Jo Sonja’s Acrylic Paint Rose Pink
  • 117593 Jo Sonjas Rose Pink
  • 154636 Glitzee Glitter & Spangles Mixed 9 pack
  • 129339  Carnival Arts & Crafts PVA Glue  
  • 137334  Art Culture Acrylic Paint Set 12 x 20ml   Tubes
  • 155361  The Paper Mill A4 Paper Bright White
  • 127197  Artist First Choice Paint Brush Set
  • 137407  Carnival Arts & Crafts Scissors Soft Grip
  • 131563  Carnival Arts & Crafts Mini Glue Gun
  • 131780  Carnival Arts & Crafts Glue Gun Sticks 


Step 1.

Trace around your memory box onto the white paper to match the size.  This will be the background.  Paint the family home on this piece of paper. 

Step 2.

Select your boys and girls corresponding to your family members, and cut the bottom of the stick straight across so that they are taller and shorter according to height. 

Step 3.

Paint each family member individually, focusing on their favourite outfit and hair colour. Paint your frame rose pink. Layer and glue the hearts around the frame (ensuring the bottom edge does not have any protruding hearts) and then paint over this with amethyst paint. 


Step 4.

Once dry select some of the hearts, paint with PVA glue, and sprinkle on glitter to cover the heart.

Step 5.

On the inside of the frame, glue your family members down to stand halfway between the front and back.  (You can use PVA if this is for kids, and use something behind the frame to prop them upright- leave overnight to dry)