Make your own skittles

Step by step guide to making a set of skittles or 6/10 pin bowling game.

Recycle some bottles into a game - try for 6 or 10 of the same type of bottle, but no big deal if they are different. Wash and remove the labels.

Squeeze about a tablespoon or two of acrylic poster paint into each bottle.

Add a little splash or two of water if the paint is thick.

Now the fun part - put the lid on and SHAKE!

Kids like this job - especially the ones where the colours are mixing.

Make sure the lids are on tight, you can tape around the lid to ensure they stay closed. (or glue before screwing)

Set up your game of skittles and get bowling - larger ball for younger kids and smaller ball for older. My toddler decided it is fund to kick the ball into the skittles (makes husband happy he is honing his soccer skills!)

TIP: when using on a concreted/paved surface, chalk the 6/10 spots where the pins should go, this helps the little ones re-setting the frame.