Picture This Clothing: the company turning your child's drawings into dresses you can buy

Children can turn their artwork into their own dress.
Children can turn their artwork into their own dress. Photo: Picture This Clothing

A brand new company is turning children's artwork into dresses – enabling kids to "wear their imagination." And trust us – you'll be hoping they branch out into adult clothing, too.

Picture This Clothing founder and mother-of-two Jaimee Newberry says the idea of turning art into outfits came after she transformed one of her daughter Zia's colourful drawings into a beautiful rainbow dress.

The dress received such a positive response that Newberry and her friends brainstormed how they could make wearable art available to others.

"We wanted something that could be accessible to a lot of kids, of a broad spectrum of social and economic status, and also be an easily scalable business model," she wrote in a post to her blog.

"We've created a simple, printable coloring book style template," she added, "where kids can doodle, stick stickers, paste pictures, and do any other kind of fun hands-on creative arts and crafts things they can dream up."

The process from drawing to dress is wonderfully simple.

Step 1: Look at the size chart and select the correct size. Print the dress template outline and get designing! 

Step 2: Take a picture of your child's finished artwork and send it in to be custom-made into a dress. 


Step 3: Rock the finished product.

You can even order a matching dress for your Barbie or American Girl doll.

Have a favourite piece of artwork on your fridge you think would look amazing as a dress? You're in luck. Newberry says you can also use existing artwork on their Picture This dresses, by cutting out a template, positioning it over the chosen painting or drawing and photographing it.

You can find more detailed instructions here.

While Picture This Clothing is currently only making dresses, a post to their Facebook page, indicates that they're planning to add more inclusive options in future.

Dresses take 12 – 15 business days to arrive (international shipping is available) and are made from a soft, lightweight cotton-poly blend fabric, similar to a t-shirt.

They retail at $49.