So proud of your children's artwork that you want to wear it? Now you can

Handmade by TasarimTakarim - Etsy
Handmade by TasarimTakarim - Etsy 

When your child brings home a particularly heart-melting piece of artwork, it usually goes straight to the poolroom. Okay the fridge.

But what if you could wear it instead?

A Turkish jewellery company, Tasarım Takarı, is making this possible in the sweetest way. And the process is simple: just send a photo of the drawing you'd like brought to life and select the type of jewellery you want. 

Visit the shop at:

There are brooches:




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And even this impressive table-top sculpture:

"It's like a single moment of someone's childhood becomes timeless," co-founder Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu, told The Huffington Post of their charming designs.

Prices range from $125 to $195 and the creations take one week to make.

What a special way to cherish the pieces our kids so proudly bring home.  And just imagine how chuffed they'd be to see us wearing them!

You can watch some of the amazing transformations here:

And visit their etsy site here: