Stunning bread creations are Instagram's latest Japanese food obsession

Bread art by @Konel_Bread
Bread art by @Konel_Bread 

There's no argument that the Japanese are masters of all that is aesthetically and functionally perfect. From origami, to tea ceremonies, right down to the seamlessly-run rail system, absolutely everything runs like clockwork and with a ritual of etiquette to match.

This attention to detail extends to the gastronomic delights to be found in Japan and the latest one setting Instagram alight, is the very beautiful Konel Bread (@konel_bread). Made by an accomplished and imaginative baker in Tokyo, Ran of Konel Bread creates her carb-laden masterpieces by embedding rolls of coloured dough through the middle of each loaf, making for a delightful surprise when cut. 

Ran also uses her son's drawings as inspiration for some of her creations.

She has a lovely cookbook available on Amazon, but it's only for those who can read and understand Japanese. Maybe we can live in hope that editions in other languages will be released.

Many of Ran's 118,000 followers have been asking for an English version.

While one of our favourites is the leopard print design, there is simply no denying that her son's designs have an appeal far and above absolute perfection.

What a lucky kid!

See more of Ran's work on Instagram @konel_bread.