These 'Trolls' hats are oh-so adorable - and they're going viral

The internet is going mad for these adorable Troll hats.
The internet is going mad for these adorable Troll hats. Photo: Instagram/Little Duckie Boutique

If you have a little Trolls fan at home who "Can't Stop the Feeling", then oh-boy have we got a treat for you.

Take a look at these delightful Trolls-inspired hats - and you'll see why they've gone crazy viral.

Designer and mother-of-one, Kira Taylor, of Little Duckie Boutique, has been selling these beauties on etsy - and they're selling out faster than she can make them.

"These hats are completely handmade by me," Ms Taylor writes on her Instagram account. "I'm making as many as I can, but as I've stated before, being a mother is my priority. I love to create these hats and I love to share my creations with others."

There's Poppy:





Look how pretty they are!

Taylor says her creations are all inspired by her little girl.

"When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, my creative side went wild," she writes on her site. "I'm a stay at home mum and I love every minute of it. I had never thought to sell the items I made for my daughter. But I started receiving so many compliments and people asking where I'd gotten said items, I decided to share my ideas! My hope is that someday my daughter and I can create things together ... she's my best friend and the inspiration for everything I do."

And with her husband even stepping in to help finish orders - it's certainly a family affair.

While Taylor sadly doesn't ship internationally, she plans to release the pattern for her hats later this month - just in time for Halloween - so watch this space. 

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