This mum makes cardboard creations so cool, you'll want to try them yourself

PACMAN - Estefi Machado
PACMAN - Estefi Machado 

Well crafty people, this sure ups the ante just a little bit. Estefi Machado is a Brazilian mum who might just be a world class cardboard crafter. 

Estefi has shared many amazing cardboard creations on her blog and really, the whole world needs to see just how good they are. From a kid-sized Pac Man arcade game complete with iPad to a Super 8 camera, Estefi has cardboard craft down to a fine art.

There's even a perfectly-formed toaster with a serving of toast

A unicorn hobby horse is now a thing

Who needs an Ikea one when mama made you this divine kitchen


We'd love a campervan like this

Old school filming

She even made totally cool wall storage

A neat cardboard typewriter

A Red Riding Hood diorama

So don't just sit there feeling inadequate, head over to Estefi's blog and let your computer's translator go to work and you'll be following her tutorials in no time at all.