Aussie girl's quirky talent

Eyebrow dancing time.
Eyebrow dancing time. 

A thirteen-year-old Australian girl has a neat trick that is sure to make her a hit in the playground and seemingly online.

Sarah, from Sydney, can wiggle her eyebrows in tune to the music better than Beyoncé can bring it on the dance floor.

Her Youtube video, “Girl with a Funny Talent” has made her an internet sensation all around the world.

With over 14 million views on the site and more than 47,000 likes on her Facebook page, Sarah’s eyebrow dancing moves are developing quite a following.

She has even scored her very own tribute song, titled “Eyebrow Dancing Girl Original Jingle”.

It is surprisingly catchy; it might even be good enough to feature as the music for her next eyebrow dance video.

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