DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Perfect for summer fun in the backyard.
Perfect for summer fun in the backyard. Photo: Supplied

This DIY sprinkler is easy to make using easily sourced materials, it's also lightweight and soft - making it perfect for kids to play with or to attach to a Trampoline safety net.

What you'll need

  • Pool noodle (new if possible)
  • Wine cork
  • Packet of medium cable ties
  • Duct tape
  • Small drinking straws
  • Small screwdriver (same thickness to the drinking straws mentioned above)
  • Short length of hose (aprox 1 meter)
  • Hose connecter
  • Water supply and a hose
What you will need ...
What you will need ... Photo: Supplied

Start by plugging one end of the noodle using the wine cork, then 'clamp' the cork in place by tightening two cable ties around the noodle and cork, seal that end by wrapping it with duct tape.

Puncture holes down one side of the pool noodle, make sure the punctures reach the core hole in the noodle. Insert the drinking straws into every second hole along the noodle (this will ensure a good variance of water spray).

Insert one end of the hose (approx 10cm) into the other end of the noodle, secure the hose by tightly clamping two cable ties and tightly wrap in duct tape to seal.

Attach a hose connecter to the other end of the hose so this can be attached to any existing hose.

Once you've connected it to your water source you are good to go. We used an old noodle and discovered it had a large tear in the middle when we plugged it in. This was easily fixed with some extra Duct Tape wrapped around the tear to seal it. Next time I will use a new new noodle with no existing wear and tear.

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Ideas for fun sprinkler play

We attached ours to the trampoline using some cable ties around two of the safety net poles. This was the perfect way to cool off the Trampoline during the hottest part of the was also LOADS of FUN! 

We used our DIY Sprinkler to set up an easy play 'Car Wash' by attaching the noodle to either side of our back gate; this was easily attached using more cable ties. We then added some sponges and DIY Splat Balls using some string. The kids had so much fun taking turns to wash and drive the car through the sprinkler.

We set it up on two buckets for the kids to practice jumping over. 

It would be great set up on a tarp for a DIY Slip and Slide too! 

*Please note: you will need to check your local council in regards to using sprinklers if you are under water restrictions. I placed a few shallow buckets under the trampoline the last time and the kids enjoyed helping me water our herb garden afterwards.

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