Five-year-old plays 'the greatest game of hide and seek ever'

A Perth boy was missing for an hour in what police described as "the best game of hide and seek ever".
A Perth boy was missing for an hour in what police described as "the best game of hide and seek ever". Photo: Getty Images

Most little kids are not very good at hide and seek. They either hide in the same place time and time again, or their giggling gives them away before the finder has had time to count to ten.

Five-year-old Tyler Bishop, on the other hand, knew just where to hide when he didn't want to be found. 

The Perth boy sparked a police hunt, and travelled 25 kilometres, in what police have described as "the greatest game of hide and seek ever".

Tyler Bishop, from Gidgegannup, Western Australia, was playing hide and seek, and was looking for somewhere clever to hide, when he came across his mother Kayla's SUV. Figuring nobody would ever find him in the back of the car, he hid.

Kayla, who was unaware her son was hiding, then drove to the Midland Gate Shopping Centre to see a movie with a friend. Kayla told Seven News she thinks Tyler had fallen asleep so he didn't alert his mother to his presence.

"He would have had to have been asleep, otherwise he wouldn't have been quiet for that long," Kayla laughed.

Back at home, the Tyler's father Matthew soon noticed the boy was missing and began a frantic search.

In the meantime, a passer-by spotted Tyler in the car and called security. Security came and convinced Tyler to unlock the car. Tyler told the security guard about his game of hide and seek, and his hiding spot. The security guard took Tyler inside and called the police.

When Tyler couldn't be found at home, Matthew called his Kayla. "He was freaking out, when he rang me he was like, 'I can't find him, I can't find him'," Kayla said.

Kayla left the movie immediately to return home and search for her son, unaware that he was with security in the shopping centre.

Matthew and Kayla then called the police, saying they had searched everywhere but were unable to find Tyler. It was only then that the police were able to piece together the missing boy with the boy found in a car at Midland Gate Shopping Centre and realise they were the same boy.

Tyler had been missing for over an hour before being reunited with his relieved parents.