Forget bottles - is this the next flipping craze?

Flipping amazing!
Flipping amazing! Photo: law.216/Flips.9/Instagram

Any parent with a kid over five is sure to have witnessed their fair share of bottle flipping in recent times. They are also likely to have seen the dab that comes after a successful flip.

But did you know there's a whole Instagram account devoted to flipping objects? Well, there is, and this kid has become its star performer with his incredible pencil flip.

Just watch him in action.


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The Instagram account is called Flips.9 and it features a whole load of submitted videos of kids flipping things. 

The boy above - known as law.216 - can't believe his successful pencil flip, and his reaction when he realises what has just happened is priceless. The kid in me is more than a bit envious he caught it all on camera and it looks like others are too, with several commenters calling it a fake.

To prove it was real, he submitted a second video (below) in slow motion so people could see no tricks were used. Lucky break, kid. Lucky break.


For everyone that thinks its fake

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