Go directly to jail Ms Monopoly. You are absolutely ridiculous

Photo: Hasbro
Photo: Hasbro 

If you thought the fights were bad already, just you wait until Ms Monopoly hits the shelves.

Yes, the makers of the iconic board game, Hasbro, have made yet another version. In this "feminist" version of the game, to highlight gender inequality that exists in the real-life workplace, it is instead the women who get paid more money than men. 

Female players will each get $240 when they pass go, while male players get the usual $200. Women will also get a bigger kitty at the start of the game - $1900 for women and $1500 for men.

Photo: Hasbro
Photo: Hasbro 

The game will also highlight female entrepreneurs – so instead of buying property and utilities you can invest in inventions by women. 

To make it even more female friendly there's a new mogul in town, Rich Uncle Pennybags' niece Ms Monopoly. She's wearing a lovely grey blazer and holding a cup of coffee, just like all high-flying, mumpreneurs.

And for the record, I think it's ridiculous. 

It's so stupid, in fact, I'm wondering if the company will also change its name to HasSIS just to further make its point?

You see Monopoly is already a feminist board game – it's gender neutral. It epitomises equality. It's a level playing field. 


It's one of the fairest board games around. Whether you're young, old, rich, poor, gay, straight, man or woman – you start with the same amount of money and you have the chance to be super rich or put in jail – it's only the roll of the dice and your ability to think strategically that sets you apart from your competitors. 

Why the team at Hasbro thought the need to mess with that is condescending at best and harmful to the feminist movement, at worst.

I think it would've been a far better statement to bring out a version of the board game that reflected what is actually going on in the world. It would give everyone a better understanding of what barriers women face in the workplace, in the investment sector and in the home each day.

It would have made a bigger impact to reflect the gender pay gap, currently sitting at 14 per cent in Australia, and pay women less than men.

And just like in real life, for a woman to earn as much as her male colleagues she needs to work longer hours. So, perhaps women should have to go around the Monopoly board twice to earn their money. 

Then when you add in the disparity in the number of additional hours women do housework and care for children, that's also impactful. Of course, if they're a stay at home mum they don't get paid for their work at all, so they might have to team up with a working male or working female to play, therefore reducing both of their earnings and spending capacity.

Of course, it must also be made harder for the female players to get a loan, as so many more women work in casual, low paying industries. Perhaps they could be asked to pay higher interest?

Then, instead of going to just going to jail, women could get an extra special domestic violence card every one in six times – as a real reflection of the shocking statistics in this country.

Economic empowerment is the best way for women to gain equality, for sure, but there are a lot of other structural changes that also need to take place. Simply getting paid more than men isn't enough.

Eradicating the very real problems faced by women in everyday life and paying women a few extra dollars in Ms Monopoly, achieves nothing. It is in no way empowering – it's insulting to women who live with this crap every day. 

It doesn't celebrate women or paint feminism in a good way. Feminism is about equality and fairness. Instead, it perpetuates the myth that feminists are somehow evil money grabbers looking to emancipate all men.

At least with the original Monopoly your gender isn't an issue – it's capitalism at its best. And if you're good at stealing money from the bank without anyone noticing, you're sure to win.