Scrabble gets a pop-culture makeover: 3000 words added to official list

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Photo: Shutterstock 

Scrabble has had a pop-culture makeover.

The popular game has expanded it's official vocabulary by almost 3000 words that span slang, politics and gender identities.

Common terms and phrases, including mansplain, athleisure, sharenting, dadbod and babymoon, are among the options added to the existing 276,000 words.

The new list, described in a statement to be the "most comprehensive Scrabble word list ever produced", will now be used for all international Scrabble tournaments.

The updated dictionary has also included a range of words relating to gender identify, including cisgender, transphobia and genderqueer, as well as the gender neutral pronoun ze.

For those who are prone to dishing out a high-scoring word, asphyxyingand equivocacy will earn you a cool 29 points, while hackerazzo will get you 27.

"Not only is the list fascinating in itself, with many areas of contemporary life in evidence, but the inclusion of high-scoring words like 'dox' and 'zen' means Scrabble enthusiasts at every level can improve their game," Helen Newstead, a language content consultant from Collins, said in a statement.

The popular board game has taken on a modern approach with the words, falling in line with a number of topics that have dominated headlines around the world, including antivaxxer.

Social-media savvy players will be pleased to know that Instagram, bingeable and collab are now included, while Scrabble-playing foodies will be able to devour words such as bao, arancini and sriracha. They've even catered for vegans, with the inclusion of aquafaba, a common subsitute for egg whites.


A new rule change has also been added with the common phrase 'OK' being officially expanded to 'okay'.

For those who always try to sneak in some short, questionable words, ewcan now be officially used.

Over the years, the official word game has undergone a few makeovers, with words like emoji, ridic and lolz added in 2015.