The makers of UNO are having a new baby

The makers of UNO are having a new baby -DOS, of course.
The makers of UNO are having a new baby -DOS, of course. Photo: Instagram

The makers of UNO have an announcement - there's a new baby on the way.

Breaking the news of the "Game Reveal" on their Facebook page, complete with balloons, UNO shared that they're expecting a DOS in April, 2018.

Yep, they're so organised they've picked out a name already.

If you're thinking, boy UNO's sibling looks mighty familiar, well you're not wrong. The cards sport the same bright colours - and the rules are pretty similar, too. Although I - and many others - reckon they're a tad more complicated.
Instead of matching colours and numbers, you can only match numbers, although apparently matching hues gets you bonus points. Each time you get a match, you toss the pile and start a new one. There's a "hashtag" card (how very modern), which can be any number you wish, and number two cards can be any colour you want, too.
And when you've only got two cards left, you say "DOS" before anyone else.
Not feeling it and wondering why they tried to improve on perfection? You're not alone.
An early review of the game, published on Business Insider describes it as a "slog" and a "chore." 
"The game is ultimately bad because of the point system and the numbers-only matching rule," the reviewer said.
That said actress and mum Tammin Sursock appears to be enjoying it:

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And others can't wait to get their hands on the "World's #2 Card Game".
If you're holding out for TRES, you might be waiting a while. Not only did it take 47 years for the makers of UNO to reproduce, they're satisfied with the size of their family.
Ray Adler, of Mattel Inc.'s games unit told CNBC news, "We're happy where we are with DOS right now."
We're certainly looking forward to meeting the new addition, in stores in March.