'I'm pretty excited': Emma Wiggle to host children's virtual birthday party during isolation

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied 

Good news for kids who are missing out on having a birthday party this year- Emma Wiggle can host their party for them!

The popular yellow Wiggle is hosting a virtual birthday party for kids stuck inside due to COVID-19 on the 16th of May, and the best part?  Everyone is invited!

 "For children, I think the idea of having a party if so natural to them" she told Essential Baby. "Some children apparently don't think they're going to turn a year older if they don't have a party.

"That's something that I wasn't aware of, so it came to us."

Emma says when Best and Less approached her about hosting a virtual birthday party, it was an obvious yes.

"We were actually writing a song about social distancing," she says, "and we're recording a song to try and elevate those fears [of missing out on your birthday]".

According to the Bureau of Statistics more than 700, 000 children have missed out on birthday parties, due to the global pandemic when social distancing rules and isolation laws were introduced.  

Although it won't be a normal birthday party, Emma assures us it will be just as fun, encouraging families to put their own spin on it from their comfort of their living room.and of course there will be plenty of props and party decorations. 

"It'll be all that Wiggley excitement," she said enthusiastically. "They're definitely be singing, they're definitely be dancing and there will be some virtual games"


"One of the games is pass-the-parcel," she revealed, "and there's going to be a cake- which I'm pretty excited about."

Emma says a personal favourite party game of hers is pin the tail on the donkey- or the Wiggles version, pin the bow on Emma, which she hopes might get a run during the party.

"We did it last year and I was crying with laughter watching the boys," she laughs. "Anthony in particular was hilarious so I might actually have to get him to come and join me just to play that game."

Birthday parties aren't the only thing the Wiggles are adapting for kids to enjoy in their living room, the colourful kids' band has also been working on a way for children to enjoy their concerts at home.

'We were about to embark on a seven-month tour," she said. "It's disappointing for the children and it's disappointing for us to, but today we've released a brand-new series on iTunes so that they can enjoy a Wiggles show but at home".

Emma Wiggle will host a virtual birthday party on May 16

Emma Wiggle will host a virtual birthday party on May 16

All you'll need for a Wiggly fun birthday party is the internet, a screen and be ready to move and have some fun.

And of course, birthday food (and a cake) is encouraged, but what will the Emma be eating you may ask?

"Growing up I loved pavlova," the fan favourite admitted after much deliberation "but as I get older, I just love a banana cake. I've made two in the last two weeks for our tiny cast and crew at Wiggles HQ who have had birthdays."

"Don't worry we won't have a prop cake [during the party]" she said "we're having a real birthday cake!"

The virtual party is an initiative by Best & Less and will be streamed from their website, starting at 11am AEST.

"I'm looking forward to it as much as everybody else!" Emma says excitedly "and I'm hoping to sneak Anthony and my dog in".

To attend the event, parents can register on www.bestandless.com.au by May 10.