DIY night light

All images on this page courtesy of Paging Fun Mums.
All images on this page courtesy of Paging Fun Mums. 

These are so inexpensive and easy to make. Such an adorable addition to any child's bedroom (especially those who need a little comfort).

What you will need

  • Mason Jar
  • Star Stickers
  • Spray Paint 
  • Led Candle (found at most $2 stores)
  • Newspaper

Step 1

Cover your Mason Jar in the star stickers (including the lid) ensuring they are securely attached.

Step 2

Ensure your Mason Jar Lid is on and place on newspaper.


Step 3


Cover the jar entirely with the spray paint - trying not to make any drips.

Step 4

After it has completely dried (allow a few hours or preferably over night), carefully peel off your stickers.

Step 5

*Turn on your LED Candle, add it to the jar and secure the lid. 
Beautiful! A hand made gift from the heart.


*please note some LED Candles contain lithium batteries which can be very harmful to children if swallowed, please ensure you use a glue gun to secure the opening.

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