Dog Jokes for kids

What dog loves to take bubble baths?        ----- A shampoodle!
What dog loves to take bubble baths? ----- A shampoodle! Photo: Getty Images

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What's worse than raining cats and dogs?
Hailing taxis!

What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper?

What happens when it rains cats and dogs?
You might step in a poodle!

What animal keeps the best time?
A watch dog!

Why don't dogs make good dancers?
Because they have two left feet!

What do dogs have that no other animals have?

Why did the snowman call his dog "Frost"?
Because Frost-bites!

When is a black dog not a black dog?
When it's a greyhound!

What do you call young dogs who play in the snow?
Slush puppies!

Why do dogs run in circles?
Because it's too hard to run in squares!

When does a dog go "moo"?
When it is learning a new language!

What did one flea say to the other?
Should we walk or take a dog?

What type of markets do dogs avoid?
Flea markets!

What did the clean dog say to the insect?
Long time no flea!

What dog loves to take bubble baths?
A shampoodle!

What makes more noise than a dog barking outside your window?
Two dogs barking outside your window!

What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?

Is it raining cats and dogs?
It's okay, as long as it doesn't rein-deer!

Why is a tree like a big dog?
They both have lot of bark!

How is a dog and a marine biologist alike?
One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.

What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A collie-flower!

What do you get if you cross a dog and a lion?
A terrified postman!

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