Most popular printable activities of 2012

Keep kids smiling these holidays with our most popular printables.
Keep kids smiling these holidays with our most popular printables. 

Did you miss these popular activities and worksheets for kids, we have put together a list of the most downloaded of 2012 - including the top ten in each age group. We are sure these will come in handy during the school holidays.

Top ten preschooler activities

  1. Letter trace - ABCDE
  2. Letter trace - KLMNO
  3. Make your own Olympic medals
  4. Make your own Australian flag
  5. Fruit and vegetable categoriser 
  6. Letter trace - FGHIJ
  7. Princess castle colouring page
  8. Under water colour by numbers
  9. My family tree activity
  10. Letter trace - PQRST

Top ten younger kids' activities 

  1. Learn to write the alphabet
  2. Learn to write sentences
  3. Learn to write words
  4. Sentence construction
  5. Word scramble cut and paste
  6. Snakes and ladders game
  7. Subtraction challenge
  8. Printable Australia Day activities
  9. Human anatomy 
  10. Australian animals spelling list

Top ten older kids' activities

  1. Australian history timeline
  2. Make a pinata
  3. Olympic find-a-word
  4. World flag worksheet
  5. Maths spelling list
  6. Australia word search puzzle
  7. Crossword - Homophones
  8. Science spelling list
  9. Maths quiz - Area of a square
  10. Learn to draw a stallion