Valentines day crafts activities

valentine-wide Photo: Pinterest

While Cupid draws his bow and strikes through hearts this Valentine’s Day, such a romance filled and heart-warming day should not be for adults alone. Valentine’s Day can be a great way for kids to show the ones they love just how much they care and an even better way to get into some crafty and fun ways of showing that love.

Say it with a card

As stores line their shelves with red and pink love heart embellished cards, receiving a handmade card from a special little someone can be the perfect way to make their day for Valentine’s. A keepsake of little hands can be something to treasure, team this up with a card and a few cut out love hearts and it is a match made in heaven. Use paper plates so cleaning up is easy, to dip little hands into paint first, place the prints on the card and sprinkle with glitter. Be creative with the design, one hand print, two hands together or lots of hands across the card and a special message to Mum, Dad or even Grandma on the inside.

Let’s get crafty

Chocolate, candy and special little memento’s to treasure can often add up to a hefty price tag on Valentine’s. Yet some simple craft ideas can create hours of fun and only cost you time and love. Beautiful yarn hearts can be created with left over wool and some old wire coat hangers twisted into shape. The humble toilet roll has many uses; from the DIY heart stamp which is super easy for little toddler hands to hold, to the butterfly or owl that can be filled with little chocolate or candy. Glass jars that you may have been collecting can be filled with chocolate or homemade treats, tied up with ribbon and embellished with hearts. Potato stamps and celery stamps can make some beautiful prints, take it one step further and either laminate or frame before giving these out to preserve the memory a little longer.

Bake your way to their heart

From baking love heart shaped cupcakes together, to Valentine’s Day Oreo pops, lots of fun can be had in the kitchen creating treats to devour and enjoy or to share with others. The silicone heart shaped mould has endless uses for Valentine’s Day; heart shaped crayons to give out to kindergarten or school friends, heart shaped soap for Grandma or heart shaped chocolates for Daddy. Everyday treats can be given that extra hint of love using a heart shaped cookie cutter; from sliced apples, sliced cheese, heart shaped sandwiches and heart shaped fruit kebabs. Sometimes the most simple of ideas can be the most fun.

Don’t forget your special little Valentine

Even though it can be so easy to slip into preparing and crafting gifts and treats for kids to give to other’s on Valentine’s Day make sure that you do not overlook how extra-special they would feel to be on the receiving end of some of those keepsakes from you. Write a special message in white crayon onto a paper plate or thick card and watch the delight as your kids paint away to reveal your message. Treats you have baked for them or chocolate you have made will always make them happy. And for the gift that will keep giving past Valentine’s Day - a little book of hand written vouchers offering one extra bedtime story, a playdate to fly a kite, a visit to the book store, a session to sit down and watch a cartoon of their choice – the list is endless of fun things to do together all year round.

For some of us Valentine’s Day can be a commercialised burden, but if you strip away the expectations and instead let the day be about spending time with the one’s you love and sharing that love then Valentine’s Day can become about creating memories together instead.