10-year-old gives birthday presents away to kids with cancer

 Photo: Heroes Foundation

As a kid not receiving any presents for your birthday could be considered a nightmare but this 10-year-old girl from Indiana said she didn't want any. 

While there were presents at Abby Grubbs' birthday party, they weren't for her.

Instead, she asked her guests to bring a Lego set, which she could hand out to sick children at the Lutheran Children's Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Abby knows all too well what it's like for a kid in hospital, she has just finished two and a half years of treatments for Leukaemia.

Speaking to Wane, she says, "I know what it's like being in the hospital with nothing to do and Team JOEY gave me Lego, so I wanted to give them."

Team JOEY is a program that gives Lego to children fighting cancer across the state.

Leading up to her birthday, Abby told her mum, Sherry Grubbs, that she wanted to give her presents away this year.

"How could I not respond to that with, 'Okay. We're going to do it,'" said Sherry.

Sherry contacted the Heroes Foundation and it was decided, Abby had a birthday/end of treatment with a pay it forward theme and asked everyone to bring Lego for her to give away.


Kelly Canada, a Heroes Foundation board member, said, "It's amazing to have someone that age be so giving and so thoughtful and want to give back."

Last Friday, with the help of Flounder, from the Wagon Wheel's stage production of The Little Mermaid, and Kelly dressed as Ariel, Abby handed out the Lego.

"We've found characters or celebrities are a big hit with the children," Kelly said.

"A lot of people have been touched by [cancer]. Once you have gone through that, you want to find a way to give back and this is a great way to do that."

"I know what it's like to be in the hospital and barely having anything to do," said Abby. "So Lego, you build them, and you can play with them, so there you have something to do."