Company turns troll comments into delicious cakes

 Photo: Instagram: @troll_cakes

When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, you should make lemonade. And when life gives you mean trolls, now there's a way of turning them into delicious cake. Mmmmmm, cake.

If you're from the "kill your enemies with kindness" camp, you can turn any troll's comment into a cake and have it delivered to them anonymously (only in the US at this stage). And who knows? Maybe that delicious chocolate chip brownie flavour with whipped frosting will be just the love they have been craving, and they might change their ways.

Could happen.

Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency will also print the comment and send it to you or a friend – if you're not in the mood for feeding the trolls.

The service costs US$30 if you supply the address of your troll. Or, for $60, they'll investigate your troll and find out where they live or work, so they can then deliver the cake for you.


Private order. Posted with permission. #trollcakes

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There is also a Trump Special for $30: choose your favourite Trump tweet and have it delivered to the Whitehouse.


Made from a comment on NASA's photo of symbiotic stars. #trollcakes

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So next time someone says something horrible to you online, just imagine how delicious that comment will be as a cake.