Four-year-old boy requests awesome but unexpected birthday party theme

Evan's 4th Birthday party (Cakes by Sweetypants)
Evan's 4th Birthday party (Cakes by Sweetypants)  Photo: LAURA KOWALSKI

Dragons, pirates, super heroes … four-year-old boys generally have a certain modus operandi when it comes to birthday party themes. But Evan Kowalski went for something different – and it's pretty awesome.

He celebrated his fourth birthday with a Mrs Doubtfire theme.

"My son saw the movie about six months ago and just loved it," mum Laura told HuffPost. "He thought it was very funny, and who doesn't love Robin Williams?"

Evan's big brother Ethan, 12, and sister Allison, 7, are also big fans.

"I said, 'how about soccer, bugs, animals?'" Laura told a local news station, "but he's like, 'nope, Mrs Doubtfire.'"

Laura said she was surprised by Evan's last minute request. "I was thrown for such a loop when Evan said he wanted a Mrs Doubtfire party," she said. She posted for help on a Facebook page and found a baker who would make the incredible cake.

Angie Claxon from Cakes by Sweetypants couldn't resist the challenge.

"I was actually kind of busy, but I thought, I have to make a Mrs Doubtfire cake," she told WXYZ. "I mean, how could you not?

Angie said she knew she couldn't just do an image transfer, so she planned something much more fabulous.


"I just wanted it to be fun for a little boy, I wanted it to be colourful, that's why I chose the pie-in-the-face scene," she said.

Angie's children are so impressed, now they're saying they want the same theme for their parties, too.

Other details inspired by the film were fruit sticks with an "It was a run-by fruiting" sign, and goodie bags with "Thank you for coming [name] dear" on them.

Laura says Evan loved every minute of the party, but the cake featuring Mrs Doubtfire with cream all over her face was his favourite.

"It met ALL of his expectations," she said.