Happy first birthday, Essential Kids!

Essential Kids celebrates its first year!
Essential Kids celebrates its first year! 

It's Essential Kids' 1st birthday, and we'd like to share our best moments, and give you the opportunity to win a family trip to Hawaii.

In our first year, we gave away over 400 prizes, including a $10,000 family holiday, a Kitchenaid, and 3kg Darrell Lea chocolate to name but a few. To celebrate our turning one, we're giving away a family trip to Hawaii. Enter now for your chance to win!

It's good to have friends, and Essential Kids' readers love to share their time and talents with us and each other. You proudly submitted your amazing birthday cake photos and your party photos, plus scores of delicious reader recipes.

We love our social media - find us on <a target="_blank" href="http://pinterest.com/essentialkids/">Pinterest</a>
We love our social media - find us on Pinterest 

More than 7,000 of you are our Facebook fans, and we love sharing the thought-provoking, the useful, the quirky and the beautiful with you on Twitter and Pinterest (especially our delicious recipes!)

We pride ourselves on our informative and insightful parenting content, but we can provide frivilous distraction when it's needed. And when you're a parent, that can be often! Here are ten of our most popular articles from the past year for you to enjoy all over again.

  1. Six years of Suri
  2. Aussie girl's quirky talent
  3. Disney characters in real life
  4. Home alone and other life milestones
  5. Guilt of the working mother
  6. A weighty issue doesn't need to be about fat
  7. Awkward moments to remember
  8. Joanna's lunchbox tips
  9. Playing favourites
  10. Top 10 iPad apps for kids

Flipping through photo galleries is one of our readers' favourite pastimes; it's clear we love to step back in time, into fantasy and into the lives of the glamorous.

  1. Awkward sibling photos
  2. Famous families
  3. The cruisy life of Suri
  4. Celebrity childhood scrapbook
  5. Now and then
  6. Models as kids
  7. Celebrity mums on the school run
  8. Toys through time
  9. Awkward kids photos
  10. Celebrities fall into fairytales

We have over 4,000 printable recipes on Essential Kids, and although we have a sweet tooth, it's good to see that we're eating healthily too!

  1. Slowcooked Greek lamb
  2. Best-ever Cheesecake
  3. Reese's cheesecake brownies
  4. Easy chicken and leek pie
  5. Simple beef stew
  6. Milo muffins
  7. Easy Portuguese tarts
  8. Orange cake
  9. Ham and cheese omlette
  10. Geoff's chocolate crackles

The Essential Kids forums are a hub of lively discussion; our most viewed topics for the year were:

  1. Parents wanting their kids to be cool
  2. Am I alone - wanting kids but not babies?
  3. At what age do you let your children stay home alone?
  4. Do you feel working mother guilt?
  5. Mums for marjiuana
<a href="http://www.essentialkids.com.au/younger-kids/starting-school/joannas-lunchbox-tips-20120202-1qujo.html">Dr. ...
Dr. Joanna McMillan shares her healthy lunchbox tips 

Our 130 printable worksheets have helped create peace in the house, if only momentarily. Here are the top ten downloads that you have been busy printing off for your children the past year.

  1. Snowman cut-out
  2. Letter trace A-B-C-D-E
  3. Learn to write the alphabet
  4. Australian history timeline
  5. Learn to write words
  6. Letter trace K-L-M-N-O
  7. Learn to write sentences
  8. Make your own pizza
  9. Olympic fun for the kids
  10. Human anatomy

Thank you for sharing this milestone with us and making Essential Kids into the thriving community it is today. We look forward to another great year with you. We will be bringing you even more great content, parenting advice, resources, entertainment and looking forward to continuing with you on this parenting journey.

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Celebrities fall into fairytales photo gallery 

And don't forget to enter our competition during November to win a family trip to Hawaii!