Hula Hoop games

Not for the uncoordinated ... Hoola hoop fun.
Not for the uncoordinated ... Hoola hoop fun. Photo: iStock

For some hoop-swinging fun who can resist a game of hula-hoops?

Mix up the traditional version with a few other quirky challenges to add to the mix and try these party game suggestions at your child's next birthday party.

The best part? It's the perfect game to tire all your party guests out and they will have a blast while doing it.

Circle game

You will need:

1 hoop

How to play:

Get players to stand in a circle, start with a hula hoop onto one players arm, get players to then hold hands.

Instruct players they must find a way to move the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each others hands.


You will need:


3 hoops

Flag (stuck in ground) or plastic bottle (filled with water or sand to weigh it)

How to play:

Get players to stand a few meters away, (mark starting line with a stick)  and adjust the distance according to childrens age ability.

Players will throw the 3 hoops onto the flag/bottle/target

Play for points or only players with 3 hoops on target moves on to next round where the distance is increased each round.

Musical hoops

You will need:

A hoop for each player

How to play:

Play like musical chairs (need as many hoops as players).