Melbourne parents give four-year-old birthday to remember after no one shows up

 Photo: Rachelle Briannan/Facebook

Sitting in her room, "quietly crying", Melbourne mum Rachelle Briannan vented to a group of mums she has never met about no-one showing up to her son's fourth birthday party. 

The upset mum had invited 12 kids to celebrate her son Taenon's birthday but they all, either, cancelled or didn't reply. 

"I'm sitting in my room quietly crying," wrote Briannan on the Midnight Mum's Facebook support group. "This is the first time he's really understood the whole party with friends thing," she adds.

Volunteer SES show the kids their truck.
Volunteer SES show the kids their truck.  Photo: Facebook/Midnight Mums

Feeling "hurt" and "angry", Briannan, pictured above with her kids, asks the group how she can make this up to her son.

"Like I made him this huge superhero cake and there's going to be no one to even sing happy birthday to him," she said.

To her surprise, the mums knew exactly what to do. 

Rallying together, parents turned up to Melbourne's Eltham McDonald's with a total of 30 children to help celebrate Taenon's fourth birthday.

They organised balloons to be donated from Veronica's Pantry, a party supplier, and arranged for volunteers from Nillumbuk SES to attend and give children a tour of their truck.


The response on Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive in support of the mother's group.

"In a world full of sad stories, uncertainty and violence, it's nice to see people going out of their way for others. Humanity at its greatest! Happy bday little man," one commenter wrote on Facebook.

Another wrote: "What lovely news, just made my day to hear we are mothers supporting another."