Mum bakes birthday cake of cow giving birth at four-year-old son's request

The 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake requested by Jamie Packard's son for his fourth birthday.
The 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake requested by Jamie Packard's son for his fourth birthday. Photo: Facebook/@Jamie Packard

Before their birthdays, my kids always get super excited about one thing: their cake.

They love to contemplate what kind of cake to have, and often change their minds about what they want.

Canadian boy Benz didn't have that issue. Months before his fourth birthday he knew exactly what kind of cake he wanted.

He wanted a cow cake.

More specifically, he wanted a cake of a 'cow giving birth to a calf'. (Yes, you read that right).

His mum Jamie initially tried to talk him out of it. His dad even jumped in asking if he'd prefer a Thomas (the Tank Engine) cake instead.

But nope, Benz stood firm in his request.

Eventually, Jamie realised she had two options: make the cake she thought would be appropriate for her son, or follow her little man's desires and make the cake he really wanted.

She went with option two, and this is the result.


 And, I have to say, I love her for it.

Making a 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake certainly isn't the easy option, on many levels.

I mean, Jamie didn't even have another cake she could look at to help herself work out how to make the thing. She wrote that she tried Googling images of previous 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake, but, unsurprisingly, came up against a brick wall.

And yet, she persevered. She even made the "afterbirth" out of "cherry pie filling". (Does this mum rock or what?)

But the part that really makes me take my hat off to her is the fact that, when her son stood firm in his wishes, she let him have them.

As parents, we're often faced with situations where we could try to persuade our kids to go for a more 'conventional' choice. Or, we could just let them be kids, and give them the thing that makes their wee little hearts' sing (within reason, of course; I'm not about to let my kid jump off a roof because he wants to be Superman).

While my kids have never requested 'out there' cakes, they've certainly had unusual desires.

For instance, when my son was a toddler he went through a phase of being more than a little attached to an empty plastic Nurofen bottle.

Man, he loved that bottle. He used to drag it everywhere we went.

To make matters even more fun, he referred to that bottle as his 'rattle'.

Yep, I got all sorts of looks when he ran along, hugging his beloved 'rattle'.

But of course I let him have his rattle. It was a little weird, but kids can do strange things, right?

Some kids assert their desires through cake choices, or beloved toys, whereas for others it's food requests or fashion choices. Just today I was at a coffee shop when a toddler walked in rocking a sweat-band around his head with swimming goggles on top of it, paired with a pj top, shorts and gumboots. The look of pure pride on his face said it all.

While Jamie wrote she was relieved that only family members would see the cake, she then shared her story on Facebook (along with the photo of the cake), where it's accumulated almost 5,000 shares, along with lots of love from commenters.

And it's great to see such an outpouring of support for this mum's unusual creation.

You see, while our kids have odd requests, us parents also find ourselves doing weird stuff we never could have imagined doing before having children.

Jamie really nailed that sentiment when she wrote that, as she was moulding the rice crispy squares into hooves for the calf, she thought to herself: "No mother is ever really prepared for this kind of stuff".

While you may not have ever made a 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake, it's pretty safe to say that we've all had one of those moments.

Have you ever made an unusual cake for your child's birthday? Or catered to your child's unusual request?