Mum red-faced after son, 6, designs card for elderly aunt with gravestone saying 'someone died here… but not you'

Freddy Little, 6, drew a grave with the words 'someone died here, but not you' on a card for his 80-year-old great-aunt June.
Freddy Little, 6, drew a grave with the words 'someone died here, but not you' on a card for his 80-year-old great-aunt June. Photo: Mercury Press Ltd.

A mum was left red-faced when her six-year-old son was left to make his own 'thank you' card for his elderly aunt decorated with only with a GRAVESTONE saying 'someone died here… but not you'.

Freddy Little had just enjoyed his birthday and was given some cards by mum Stella, 42, to write a series of 'thank you' notes to family members for his presents.

After an hour she returned to find the card Freddy had drawn for his Aunt June - 'the oldest person he knows' - had a grave as its design with the ominous words 'someone died here' written on the stone.

 Photo: Mercury Press and Media Ltd.

As if realising the potential faux pas, Freddy had even scrawled 'but not you' next to it.

Stella, a childminder from Chelmsford, Essex, said: "I told him who to write the cards to and then left him to his own devices.

"When I saw what he had drawn I was really surprised and totally cracked up when I looked at it.

"Normally he draws superheroes and so on, things much more child-like, but when I came back in and asked 'what's that?', he just said 'it's a grave'.

"I asked him why he drew that and he just said it was 'just for fun'. Then he smiled and moved on to the next card.

"I went straight to my husband and we had a good laugh at it.


"I'm sure Aunt June will see the funny side of it as she has a good sense of humour.

"She is in her 80s and is actually Freddy's great aunt. She is definitely the oldest person he knows, so that may have been a factor.

"He doesn't really understand death properly as he has never really known anyone who died yet. His grandad died but not in his lifetime. While we do speak about his grandad, he more relates dying to Star Wars, such as when a Jedi dies. 

"The only explanation I can think of is that he's really into Star Wars and ninjas and it's all about goodies and baddies and putting the baddies into the grave. So maybe that's a baddie.

"I've asked him again who the person in the grave is and he just shrugs and says 'just a person'."

Freddy, who has two brothers Michael, eight, and Jonny, seven, made around 10 'thank you' cards for all of the family members who gave him gifts on his sixth birthday and this one was to thank Aunt June who had given him money to treat himself.

Inside the card was a note written by Stella and then the words 'Love Freddy' written by the schoolboy, along with stickers from his sticker collection.

Stella said: "The other thank you cards were all quite individual but I think as amusing as this one.

"Freddy is definitely the funny one of the family. I don't know why, but he does make us laugh all laugh the most."

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