Musical chairs

Better be quick ... musical chairs challenge.
Better be quick ... musical chairs challenge. 

This is a fun party game for children aged pre-schoolers and younger kids which will get everyone moving.

Number of players:
At least 4

What you will need:
Chairs, a music player, a prize for the winner

How to play:
Arrange a group of chairs (one per player) back to back in the middle of a room – ensure there is a enough space for children to move around them comfortably.

For the warm up round, start the music and encourage the children to skip, dance or run around the chairs. When the music stops, they must find a chair to sit on.

Next, take one chair way and start the music again. This time, there won’t be enough chairs for all of the kids so one will miss out (have some small consolation prizes ready, such as a sticker, fake tattoo or lolly).

Continue to take away chairs after each round until there is only one chair and one winner!