Olympic sports party

Get out your green and gold ... it's time to party.
Get out your green and gold ... it's time to party. 

Venue: An Olympics/sports party is unique in that it will probably require events to take place both indoors and outdoors.

Invitations: Invitations can be designed for a sports party in the shape of racquets, bats and sticks and flag invitations can be made up for an Olympics party.

Decorations: Hang plenty of sports memorabilia around the house or flags from different countries and list all the guests that are invited on a makeshift scoreboard or draw style document for scoring games.

Costumes: Guests could wear Aussie green and gold for an Olympics party or dress as a sports player in sports hats, scarves, jerseys, helmets, sweatbands and kneesocks. The host parents could even wear an umpire or coach outfit and give out gold, silver and bronze medals to the winners of each game.

Cake: A ball cake, boxing ring or field cake are the best choices for a sports party, but for an Olympic party there are several options such as Olympic rings, trophy cup or a blue ribbon. Serve these with foods that are available at sports arenas such as mini meat pies and Gatorade to tie in with a sports theme and multi-cultural foods for an Olympic theme, maybe with one dish from each continent.

Activities: Being a sports party, there’s a number of different activities that can be done, depending on what the birthday boy’s favourite sport is. Possible games vary from setting up a mini golf course, bowling with tin cans, dividing guests into two teams for some friendly backyard cricket or soccer, or putting up a dart board or some archery targets for boys to try something new. Wii Sports games and poker are also a back up option when bad weather forces this type of party to be held indoors.

Prizes for games/Party Bags: Bouncy balls, sports trading cards, yoyos, mini flags, umpire whistles and tiny globes.