Party at Luna Park

Sydney’s iconic Luna Park is famous for their rides, views, carnival atmosphere and the giant, open-mouthed face that marks its entrance. But there is also another experience on offer that you may not have heard about – birthday parties. Essential Kids spent the day at Milson’s Point to discover what the famous Park had to offer families looking for a unique party experience.

On a typical day in the school holidays you would expect to find a sea of people filing inside the open-mouth of the iconic giant Luna Park face. But the early morning downpour seems to have kept the crowds at bay. Thankfully for us, the rainclouds followed suit. Giving us a perfectly dry, crowd-free day.

Guided by our party coordinator we enter through the ice cream parlour into a hidden party room. Brightly coloured hand-painted cartoon characters line the walls; party tables are set up and fully stocked with colouring pages and pencils; an empty dance floor waits expectantly for sugar-hyped kids to release their moves; and glass windows give the adults pristine views of Sydney Harbour.

The sights at Luna Park ...
The sights at Luna Park ... 

Our tribe of excited kids are more than ready to party. Each child takes their place at the table and immediately begins to colour while our party host hands out name badges for each child.

Usually the massive party room hosts multiple parties at once, which no doubt gives it a little more atmosphere (and a lot more noise) than our tiny gathering of 12.

We are treated with an extra special behind-the-scenes surprise as Lunabob and Lunabelle (available for parties booked on weekends) arrive by buggy to get the party started. After a round of high-fives, photos and hugs the kids follow the park's stars to the dance floor. The impromptu dance-off is followed up by a series of games, including statues and parachute, before lining up against the wall and receiving their very own propeller hat (not usually included).

While the action is taking place on the dance floor, the waiters have been busy filling up the tables with a selection of party food. From hotdogs, nuggets and chips to fruit, sandwiches, soft drink and juice, there is quite a sizeable spread waiting for the kids as they race back to their seats.

The parents are also catered for with a delicious selection of wood-fired pesto bread, fresh dips and gourmet baguettes and wraps.

The meal was closely followed by the birthday cake and my nine-year-old sister declared that I could have her piece as she was too full. But when the layered chocolate mousse cake arrived in front of her she quickly changed her mind. It was definitely not a cake to be missed. Although I did wonder how our tummies were all going to hold up once we were let loose on the rides. The cake is an optional extra and parents are free to bring their own birthday cake to the party without charge.


After the kids receive a quick rundown on how to stay safe in the park, they are given a party bag choc-full of prizes, fairy floss, stickers, lollies and memorabilia. The young guests are eager to make their way to the rides and after a fun-filled hour and a half we venture out into the streets of Luna Park.

First up is Coney Island, the children race ahead while the parents trail behind, weighed down with party bags and balloons. One of the more entertaining sights was watching one parent enter the Barrel of Fun in heels and with balloons still tied to her bag, mistakenly thinking it was a compulsory part of the entry.

After exiting the Island we lined up for a go of the Dodgem’ Cars – always a popular attraction even on a quiet day we had to queue for about twenty minutes. Next up was the Ferris Wheel, which provided stunning views of the Harbour Bridge, water, and Opera House. We ventured over to the exclusive holiday attraction, Pirate’s Revenge, and got a little more wet than we anticipated.

Birthday party in progress ...
Birthday party in progress ... 

Every ride has height restrictions; some allow younger children on when accompanied by an adult, while others, like the Moon Ranger, are only for kids 130cm in height and over. While the majority of rides are not off-limits, ensure you take this into account to avoid disappointed youngsters.

Our unlimited rides pass gave us access to just about everything, the only extra cost was the carnival games and you will be hard-pressed to get the kids to walk on by those stuffed toy prizes without forking out the cash needed to have a go.

After a fun-filled, action-packed day the kids (and the adults) are ready to head home for some much needed R & R. The party was beyond a success and the young guests exit the park full of stories and with tired contented smiles.

Football fans will love the cartoon decor.
Football fans will love the cartoon decor. 

Party Packages Pricing:

  • You must have a minimum of 10 paying party guests (including the birthday child) to book at Luna Park. Prices start at $42 per child, this includes food and drink for the children, an Unlimited Rides pass each (including an extra two passes for the parents), 1.5 hours in the party room, invitations, and a gift for the birthday child.
  • Birthday cakes start at $32 and Lolly bags are $3 per person.
  • Adult party platters are also an optional extra.
  • Parking is not included - check the website for pricing or take the train to Milson's Point station.
  • For more information visit the Luna Park website.