Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel ... which one do we start with?
Pass the parcel ... which one do we start with? 

A classic party game, pass the parcel is popular from pre-schoolers to school-age children.

Number of players:
Preferably 5 +
What you will need:
A parcel, made up of layers of newspaper with small gifts inside (see rules below), a music player.

How to play:
Children sit in a circle on the floor and are given a parcel to pass around clockwise, as music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel at that time unwraps a layer from the parcel. It is important to have at least as many layers as players.

Modern etiquette dictates that a small novelty gift or sweet should be in every layer, however the traditional version of the game allows for one larger prize inside the last layer only.

Another variation is to include a dare or challenge in each layer, with a prize in the middle. Challenges may include singing a song, hopping on one foot or eating a spoon full of vegemite.

In all variations, the game concludes once all layers have been unwrapped.