Review: Bounce Inc trampoline party

Bounce Inc trampoline party review.
Bounce Inc trampoline party review.  

Mention the phrase 'Indoor Trampoline Centre' and what comes to mind? A place where kids can run off energy? Perhaps, work on their trampoline skills? Or just generally have a blast? If you've been to a Bounce, you'll be aware of those positives already. So how does it rate as a party venue? Well, I can tell you: even better.

We had a combined birthday party for my two children – one turning ten, the other twelve. Equal guest numbers of girls and boys. When we arrived at the Blackburn North Bounce, we were shown to the party gathering area, from which, after the children received their induction outlining some simple rules like 'Only bounce within your skill level', they were shown out to the main floor as a group. They spent around fifteen minutes between areas, alternating between free trampolining to playing more structured games like basketball and dodgeball, as well as pausing to all get a drink at the conveniently located water fountains.

Time went fast, and the kids spent so much energy, that they were all looking forward to the food and drink by the end of the jumping hour. At which point they were ushered up to the private party room for the last thirty (in our case forty) minutes of eating and merriment. Without any mess for us to clean up!

Bounce Inc party room.
Bounce Inc party room.  

Staff and children

Our party host, Jayden, was terrific: courteous, inclusive and took the time to learn the names of all the guests of the party. He and the rest of the floor staff were attentive, offering advice to those who were not as confident. This age group is perfect for this kind of activity – if they were very much younger, their energy levels might not have lasted as long. Do note that the minimum age of a jumper is three.

Also worth mentioning: if you have extra guests turn up on the day which were not included on the original booking, they will need to pay for the spot – provided the public jumping session isn't already booked out.

Party pricing and inclusions

All Bounce parties include the following:

  • Sixty minutes of jumping and thirty eating
  • Dedicated party host
  • Food
  • Official Bounce socks (to keep)

Four food packages are available (including for vegetarians), and those with food intolerances are well looked after, with gluten free options, as well as additional platters of such items as fruit and sushi. Water pitchers were brought in regularly, at the request of extra thirsty children and those who didn't want to have juice. The party rooms are conveniently located by the kitchen, so delivery was quick.

You are allowed to bring in our own cakes. A full-sized cake does attract an $8 cutting fee, however cupcakes do not (this is what we did as we needed an egg-free option). We we also provided with a mousse and mud cake, delicious and rich. Even after handing out slices to the parents we had a little left over. We weren't allowed to take it home, though, due to the nature of their food licensing. So that sized cake might be a little much for a smaller party!

Speaking of size numbers, a Bounce party needs a minimum of ten jumpers.


At the end, all guests got to take come a special Bounce box and helium balloon. I didn't know this, but the birthday child also receives a FREE five visit pass as a gift (worth over $70) during the month of March. My two were delighted when they were presented with theirs; it capped off the perfect afternoon.

If you're interested in a Bounce party, definitely keep an eye on their website,, for similar offers. For example, if you book a party to be held before April 30th, and you'll receive ten per cent off.

When you factor in the quality facilities, the care of the staff, generous food portions and more, I consider choice as value-for-money and I would certainly consider doing it again. I was asked if I wanted to jump – and you know, next time, I think I will.

The writer was a guest of Bounceinc trampoline park.