Science Party Ideas

Who has a budding scientist? Here we throw a fun filled science party for those inquisitive minds. Bring science to the kitchen and the backyard with these science party ideas and activities to create a memorable party for your child and their friends that they will be talking about for days.

Science party activity and game ideas
Pin the goggles on the scientist (Free printable here on Essential Kids)
Balloon gas inflator (vinegar and bicarb)
Volcanos (vinegar and bicarb and washing up detergent and food colouring
Dancing sultanas (soda water and sultanas)
Lava lamp (water, veg oil, fizzing tablets (eg alka setzer)
Mentos and diet cola fountain/geyser (diet cola bottle and mentos)
Ice cream in a bag (sm zip lock, large zip lock, tbsp sugar, 1/2 cup milk, ice, 1/2 cup salt)
Trick cake (pinterest_ balloon, box, icing, sharp knife)
Camera canister rockets (hard to track down now days... empty film containers, warm water, fizzing tablets (eg. asprin)
Insta-Snow powder (from Amazon)
Spaghetti structures (spaghetti and mashmallows)
Cupcake decorating (coloured icing and assortment of sweets for decorating)

Science party goodie bag ideas
Glow stick/bracelet (from supermarket or dollar store)
Space stickers (from dollar store)
Freddo frog (supermarket)
Smarties fun size pack (supermarket)
Sticky frog (from Amazon)
Activity book (handmade and photocopied)
magnifying glass (from dollar store)

Science party food ideas
Fairy bread
Cabanosi and cheese
Chips/ crackers/dips
Frank's and sauce
Mini savory muffins / quiche
Mini sausage rolls
Mini pizzas
cheese twists (like double helix)
Cut sandwiches (vegemite, cheese, jam, ham... etc)
Jelly (in small cups or petri dishes from amazon)
fruit platter
Birthday cake
Cupcakes/mini muffins
H2O (water bottles with DIY labels - download your free printable water bottle h2o label here)

Science party decorations / theme enhancements
lanyards/ name badges for the kids with dr, professor, etc
safety goggles for the kids (amazon)
lab coats
mythbusters signs (plausable / busted / confirmed)
periodic table (happy birthday printable from my fun studio)
whiteboard/blackboard with formulas/diagrams
biohazard and chemical waste signs for bathroom door
[scan to enter] signs for the entry way
solar system posters
moon picture (from MrPrintable)
cloud formation posters

Science party cake ideas
Earth/globe (or half globe) (using football/half sphere cake tin)
Solar system using cupcakes
volcano (using a dolly varden cake tin )
science lab flask or beaker
earth plate tectonics - (Large slab cake)
periodic table cupcakes