Seven years of Suri

Seven years ago today recently engaged superstars, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their first and only daughter together, Suri Cruise, into the world.

Born seven pounds seven ounces, 20 inches in length, with a full head of dark-brown hair and big blue eyes - Suri Cruise was the most talked about baby in Hollywood and everyone was dying for a peek at the famous newborn.

It wasn't until just under four months later that the public would get their first look at the genetically blessed babe in the Vanity Fair spread that dedicated 22 pages to the Cruise family and their newest edition.

Suri Cruise just before her seventh birthday (left) and one-years-old (right) .
Suri Cruise just before her seventh birthday (left) and one-years-old (right) . 

Now seven years on Suri Cruise has continued to grace the covers of thousands of magazines all over the world. Blogs have been set up in her honour - some a little strange - and speculations have been made about the total worth of her ever-increasing shoe collection (rumoured to be worth US$150, 000).

But a lot has changed for Suri in the past year. Including the breakdown of her parents marriage and starting kindergarten at Avenues The World School. 

This is the first birthday she won't be spending with both of her parents. The Daily Mail reported that Tom Cruise, who is busy promoting his latest film Oblivion, has already had an early celebration with his daughter.

"You gotta plan ahead for these things ... All celebrated and done," said Cruise.

No doubt Katie Holmes has something special planned for her only child today. Last year she celebrated the eve of her sixth birthday with a late-night ice cream after a private helicopter ride back to New York City.

To celebrate the past seven years of Suri's well-documented life have a look at our photo gallery Suri turns seven and see how much she has grown.