Spiderman performer fails backflip at children's birthday party

Spiderman knocks himself out at childrne's birthday party.
Spiderman knocks himself out at childrne's birthday party.  Photo: Live Leak

Known for his strength, balance and the ability to cling to most surfaces, the only thing this Spiderman clings to is the floor.

A video has emerged showing a Spiderman performer at a children's birthday party in Argentina who fails to land a backflip.

We see an excited group of children calling out for Peter Parker in the video. A man dressed as Spiderman can be seen fist pumping and interacting with the kids.

The masked man sucessfully performs one backflip, followed by applause.

And, another; he then lands one off the wall.

Asking one of the kids in the audience to come up the front, for the final backflip. Everything seems like it's going to plan until he slips and knocks himself unconscious.

Don't worry, by the end of the video it looks as though Spiderman is moving and was unharmed.


Watch the full video below.

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